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Help and instructions

Help desk

The help desk is your point of contact for questions and problems with:

  • Citrix Access Gateway
  • Printer stations
  • HIP2Go
  • IT account
  • PC pools
  • Seafile
  • Student email address
  • Software
  • Studicard
  • WLAN

Mail the help desk or call 06131 628 - 6363


Send a mail to Media & Teaching

or call 06131 628 - 7322 (School of Business)

or 06131 628 - 7329 (School of Engineering and School of  Design)

Online library catalog


HIP contact form (only available in German)

Online exam review

Exam review (only available in German)


You can find instructions for OpenOLAT finden Sie here.

You can find instructions for the other services here (only available in German).