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Institute for Applied Management Science in Healthcare and Social En­t­re­­pre­neur­­ship (ifams)

ifams offers its staff the opportunity to gain initial practical experience in social enterprises, associations and service providers in the fields of public, free and private welfare organizations and public administration.

Most of our staff are students of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, School of Business. They are involved in projects as part of internships, dissertations and as research assistants and thus are already able to work actively with social enterprises during their studies and contribute to the achievement of their goals.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Reiss is the scientific director.

What are the objectives of ifams?

In many NPO's there is a need for restructuring and change. This is why ifams aims to achieve a qualitative improvement in teaching by integrating project work and training capable managers with practical experience. Familiarization with organization-specific activities serves the purpose of enabling ...

  • participation in business process optimization (reengineering)
  • the carrying out of ongoing planning and controls (with cost accounting and key figure systems, reporting)
  • acquisition and expansion of strategic planning know-how in the most diverse areas within the management to contribute to the effective shaping of corporate policy

Through the supervision and implementation of scientific model projects ...

  • the awareness of management problems is to be raised. Practical knowledge in dealing with management techniques and personnel management in NPO's is to be acquired
  • insights into the current state of development of standard instruments and procedures for operational management are to be gained
  • the development and introduction of organization-specific management and controlling instruments works in practice is to be learned
  • it should become possible to identify and develop association and company-specific strategies as well as collective market strategies
  • the professional handling of IT systems, up to the development and maintenance of IT-based operational controlling systems is to be guaranteed
  • teamwork with employees involved in projects is to be promoted


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