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Crytek the Book

History of the developed videogames

Crytek the Book is a thematically and biographical book about the videogames company »Crytek«, it also includes its videogames and their videogames development tool called »CRYENGINE«.

The outcome of this project, is a book in »Concertina« format, also known as »Leporello«. Which open has a length of 24 meters.

The text in the book comes in its majority from interviews done by Adriana Coll to videogames authorities that work in Crytek. The text is a mixture of journalistic and documentary genre.Even though the basic information of the book it is as it came from the sources, a new and fresh impression is obtained by rearranging the content order.

For the order of the content, the main focus is the interactivity of texts which are connected through »links«, in this case they are page numbers, that lead us to more information and allow the reader to travel in time. Simultaneously, we can navigate through sections and topics. 

This is to transfer the world of digital gaming into print, thus demonstrating Crytek's achievements even more impressive than on a website or something similar, while choosing a look for book that fits the digital gaming world. 

This project not only provides an essential tool to Crytek, document part of our generation history, in this case the videogames and at the same time leave a testimony of the importance of those in the world of technological advances and entertaining. 

On the other hand Crytek the Book is not an Editorial Design project. Crytek the book is a huge work of marketing strategy based on deep market research, which collects the first documentation of Crytek history expressed in an unconventional user experience format.


Work of:
Adriana Coll

Support by:
Prof. Dr. Riedel, Matthias (Marketing and Psychology)