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Leave of absence

Students may be apply for and be granted a leave of absence if, for important reasons, they are unable to take part in the courses required to achieve their degree program goal during a semester.

The application for a leave of absence must be addressed to the President during the re-registration period for the respective semester. As a rule, a leave of absence should not be extended beyond two consecutive semesters.

The semester fee must also be paid during the semester leave. In justified cases, the AStA can refund the portion of the semester ticket (see the transportation section for information).

Reasons for a leave of absence

  • Illness where the probable duration must be certified by a doctor.
  • Providing care for a sick or otherwise needy relative
  • Studying abroad, unless it is an integrated degree program or a stay abroad for the purpose of practical further education and training
  • Activity in student self-administration or in university bodies
  • Pregnancy and child-rearing
  • Cases of particular social hardship

The decision regarding the application will be communicated to the students in writing. Leave of absence semesters do not count as semesters towards the degree program. During a semester of leave of absence, proof of achievement and certificates of achievement cannot be provided.

Special regulations apply to study and examination achievements that are completed during the semester of leave at a foreign university. Information on these matters can be obtained from the International Office responsible for the respective school.

You will find the application form required to apply for a leave of absence on the right under Download.


In general, a leave of absence cannot be granted for a compulsory internships required during the course sequence or for internships not required during the course sequence.


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