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About AStA

AStA is short for Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, or the General Student Council and represents the executive interests, in other words the university-wide representation of the interests of all students towards the university, the state, and the public.

To be more specific, it represents you in all professional, social, and economic interests. As an executive body of a university, the AStA implements the decisions made by the StuPa (student parliament).

As an advisory body, the AStA offers information on all aspects of your studies, from questions about BAföG, university fees, and much more. In addition to these activities, the AStA also offers a variety of services and, together with the AStA of the Johannes Gutenberg University, handles the semester ticket and its reimbursement in special cases.

There is always a lot to do at the AStA. This is why numerous student volunteers and regular staff alike work here. To organize the work, the AStA is structured into individual departments with specific areas of responsibility. Each department is managed responsibly and independently by the department heads and supported by members of the departments.


How big is the area covered by the semester ticket and which modes of public transportation can you use with the ticket?

You can find the answers in our information flyer (in German).

You don’t need the semester ticket because you are spending time abroad or doing an internship semester? In the refunds information flyer you can find out about the circumstances in which the price of the ticket can be refunded. The web form for the application is always activated in early February for the summer semester and in early September for the winter semester. It is not possible to apply for a refund before then.

Our staff from the transportation department will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.