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Corporate Leadership, Human Resources and Organizational Development

Students learn the basic concepts of HR and organizational development and gain insight into the most important tools and methods. They familiarize themselves with leadership styles and concepts using the latest research findings and practical exercises. Students also develop concepts for solutions to the questions of HR and organizational development. In addition, they acquire knowledge of interviewing techniques. Guest lectures round off the practical approach of the class.


Career prospects

  • HR management, particularly staff development or HR consulting

An interview with your lecturer, Pro­fes­sor Dr. Susanne Rank

What do you find exciting about Business Administration and your discipline?

As an example, I would like to mention professional development, which is an important aspect for employees and companies alike and creates loyalty and a sense of identity with the company. I would like to make a successful contribution to this through my teaching, through collaborative projects with industry and research, so that our students learn something here in a targeted manner.

What was the defining moment in your life when you knew which path you were going to take? 

My career path has a variety of stages. One’s own career path is not only guided by internal motives; external circumstances also play a role.

Why are you teaching this specific option? 

I spent many years at SAP as an international personnel developer, trainer, consultant, HR project manager, change manager, etc. and am currently still actively involved in practical projects.

What is your motivation for introducing your subject to students? 

Lots of motivation and optimism, come get to know me in my video on this option.

How would you describe your teaching style in three words? 

Scientifically substantiated and up-to-date through practical experience, interactive in a nice atmosphere and challenging.

What do you expect from your students – motivation, willingness to learn, etc.?


Interest, openness and drive.

Susanne Rank


Professor Dr. Susanne Rank