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General Information

Our university library is the service center for electronic and printed information services. It procures, registers and opens up all media available at our university for teaching and research.

The library is one of the central university facilities. It offers university members comprehensive services for studying, teaching, research and further education. Alumni and external users can also use its services. The library is located at the two locations, Holzstraße and Campus.

The location libraries provide the media for the schools at the locations: Engineering and Design at the Holzstrasse location, Business and Geoinformatics and Surveying at the Campus location.

The library is accompanied by the library committee.

Öffnungszeiten Standort Campus



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Semesterfreie Zeit

September, Ende Januar bis Mitte März:


OpenPlusPersonalbesetzte ZeitOpenPlus
Mo und Mi7:00-10:3010:30-14:3014:30-18:00
Di, Do, Fr7:00-10:3010:30-14:3014:30-21:00

Mitte Juli bis Ende August:


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Öffnungszeiten Standort Holz­stra­ße

Mo – Fr 09:30–17:30 Uhr

Vorlesungsfreie Zeit
Mo – Fr 10:30–14:30 Uhr

EBSCO Discovery Service

Der EDS ist eine wissenschaftliche Metasuchmaschine. Sie bietet Zugriff auf sehr viele Informationsressourcen mit nur einer Suche. Das Discovery-System bietet einen modernen Sucheinstieg, der das Finden von Literatur zu Ihrem Thema deutlich vereinfacht. Hier finden Sie den direkten Zugriff auf eine große Zahl lizenzierter Datenbanken, eJournals, eBooks und Open-Access-Angebote.

Geben Sie einen Suchbegriff ein:

Innerhalb des Hochschulnetzes haben Sie Vollzugriff auf Fachzeitschriften im Volltext sowie Zugang zu führenden Fachindizes. Bei Zugriff von außerhalb leitet die Suche auf den Gastzugang, es werden nur lizenzfreie Inhalte angezeigt.


OPAC - Online library catalog

DBIS – Databases of Mainz University of Applied Sciences: Here you can also find other external databases that are freely available.

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Services and Usage

The University Library of Mainz University of Applied Sciences offers all the usual services of a scientific library: provision and documentation of its collections, information services, lending, interlibrary loan, training courses. We endeavour to provide all services as comprehensively as possible. Please contact us if you feel something is missing. We are always grateful for suggestions and criticism.

The library is free of charge, with the exception of interlibrary loan.

The collections are systematically set-up on a freehand basis.
The location libraries use their own installation systems that are not compatible. Although the "V Geoinformatics and Surveying" collection has been transferred to the Campus site, it is based on the systematics of the original Holzstraße site.

The university library is primarily open to members of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, but also accepts alumni and external users. Authorization for the lending process requires a written application with a photo ID. This also applies to students at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. The student card alone does not entitle you to check anything out. More detailed information on this can be found in the rules of use.

The basement of the library on campus can also be accessed directly from the elevator. This requires a chip card, which you can obtain from the library staff if needed.

The user regulations contain the specific rules for lending, such as authorization, fees, lending restrictions and loan periods. The current version can be found in the download "Terms of Use".

Rückgabe: Jede Standortbibliothek nimmt ausgeliehene Medien der anderen Standortbibliothek zurück. Ausgenommen davon ist die Fernleihe. Diese Medien müssen am Ort der Ausleihe abgegeben werden.

Ordering: Unfortunately, it is not possible to order media from the other location.
Return: Each location library accepts media borrowed from the other location library. Interlibrary loan is not included. These media must be handed in at the location where they were checked out.

The inventory of the university library are listed in the OPAC of the local system Rheinhessen. The link can also be found as a quick link (under "Students") on every page of the homepage of Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

The library location owning the specific media is specified in the information of the collection.

Holzstraße location: All books and other media in the open access area, parts of the closed repository as well as all periodicals are registered. This inventory can be searched in the library in the LARS database system.

Campus location: All books and other media in the open access area are included. Periodicals are not listed.

The library regulations form the legal basis for the university library. They regulate the organization, structure, tasks and use.
The current version can be found in the download "Library regulations".

The use of the university library is free of charge for members of Mainz University of Applied Sciences and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Interlibrary loan is excluded. If the loan period is exceeded, default fees will be charged, which are also due without a warning or a reminder by the "Bücherwecker".
The current fees can be found in the download "Terms of Use".

Seminar/semester reserve shelf
Professors can compile literature from the library for their lectures. As a seminar/semester reserve collection that cannot be borrowed, these media are then placed on a special shelf.
After the end of the semester, the seminar/semester reserve collection is disbanded.

The University Library provides PCs for use of the internet free of charge. Only members of Mainz University of Applied Sciences are permitted to use them.

Professors at the location are responsible for selecting the media and maintaining the holdings. We also welcome literature suggestions from students.
For procurement requests, the downloads of the order forms can be used.

For all first-semester students, the location libraries offer an "Introduction to Library Use".
Research training courses for OPAC and databases can be registered at any time.


Campus Location

Mainz University of Applied Sciences
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
55128 Mainz

T +49 6131 628-6220
bibliothek.campus (at) hs-mainz.de

Holz­stra­ße Location

Mainz University of Applied Sciences
Holzstraße 36
55116 Mainz

T +49 6131 628-6221
bibliothek.holzstrasse (at) hs-mainz.de


Zur Literaturverwaltung stehen Ihnen zwei Programme zur Verfügung: Citavi für Windows und Zotero für MAC, Linus und Windows.

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Media holdings and user accounts of the location libraries can be accessed via the online library catalogue OPAC. 

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The university library is to be used primarily as a reference library, but the majority of the holdings can be borrowed.

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Interlibrary loan

Within the framework of the Hessian Library System (HEBIS), the university library participates in the national lending system.

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The library provides free access to various databases and electronic media (e-media).

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Library Committee

The library is accompanied by the library committee.

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Nadja Ilsemann
Campus location and Holzstraße location
T +49 6131 628-6216
nadja.ilsemann (at) hs-mainz.de
Ismene Pies
Campus location and Holzstraße location
T +49 6131 628-6217
ismene.pies (at) hs-mainz.de
Sabrina Grobelny
Campus location
T +49 6131 628-6213
sabrina.grobelny (at) hs-mainz.de
Sabine Jackwerth
Holzstraße location
T +49 6131 628-6215
sabine.jackwerth (at) hs-mainz.de
Eugen Zitzer

T +49 6131 628-6214
eugen.zitzer (at) hs-mainz.de