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Transfer Lab

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Transfer – the engine of innovation

Wherever science, business, politics and society work together, science-based solutions to current issues and practical problems can be developed.

Mainz University of Applied Sciences already has a strong network with numerous cooperations and joint projects, especially in the Rhine-Main region, but also nationally or internationally. We consider transfer competence to be a fundamental skill. In addition to research and teaching, Mainz University of Applied Sciences focuses on raising awareness of the topic, but also on qualifying transfer skills and promoting transfer activities.

The transfer lab would like to further strengthen the existing structures at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and create a flexible framework for transfer. The transfer lab therefore supports new ideas and offers the opportunity to try out creative approaches. In addition, we promote thematic exchange and networking on planned or ongoing projects.

Scientists, but also companies and other interested parties can contact us at any time to discuss concrete cooperation proposals or initial ideas.


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Do you have ideas or wishes connected with the topic of transfer? Are you interested in a collaboration?


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Our current services

Together with Human Resources Development, the transfer lab organizes workshops to enhance transfer competencies for all interested employees of the university. Please find more information here.


Katharina Schönheim, Foto: Melanie Billian
Katharina Schönheim
Deputy Project Manager 'FH Personal' & QM