View from Mainz-Kastel towards the banks of the Rhine and the cathedral of Mainz

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Living in Mainz

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What you need to know about living in Mainz

Living expenses

At present, students should expect to need a financial budget of approximately 850 Euros per month. The largest portion of this is required for the monthly rent, which is between 290 and 400 Euros for a single room in a student dormitory. The cost of your personal lifestyle of course also depends on your needs.

At our university, there is a dining hall (student restaurant) that is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm when university is in session. A meal there costs between 2 and 4 Euros.

Student services (Studierendenwerk) in Mainz offers free advice on various financial support options for students.

Student dormitories

If you are looking for a room in a student dormitory, you can contact Student Services (Studierendenwerk) in Mainz. There you will also find assistance in finding private accommodations.

Basically, you have the possibility to live in all residential complexes. Since not all rooms are available in sufficient numbers, it is best to specify priorities when it comes to several buildings or types of accommodation in the "dormitory selection" section of the application form. Student Services will make every effort to fulfill your housing wishes.

The order in which applications are received determines the allocation of rooms. You will then receive a rental agreement from Student Services, usually by email. You must sign this contract and return it to Student Services. The rental agreement is binding.


Just seven steps to the room of your dreams



Buddy Program Mainz-Bingen

The Buddy Program is an initiative of Student Services (Studierendenwerk) in Mainz. In order to bring German and international students together and promote intercultural exchange, students from Mainz and Bingen and international students are placed in one-to-one contact each semester. This gives German students the opportunity to establish contacts with international students and international students the chance to make direct contacts in Germany.


For additional information and to register, go to:

Sports & recreation

The students of Mainz University of Applied Sciences have access to all recreational and sports facilities of Johannes Gutenberg University, including fitness, amateur and competitive sports activities from A for Aikido to Y for Yoga. In addition, there are numerous sports associations and other clubs in Mainz that you can join. 


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