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Living in Mainz

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Living in Germany’s most dynamic city

Are you about to start your studies and you already got to know our university a little bit? Great! Next, you're probably asking yourself: Is Mainz a good place for me to live? Our answer: yes, definitely! 

One thing above all awaits you in Mainz: change. The job market, real estate market, local economy, and quality of life have improved so much over the past five years that Mainz took first place out of 71 cities in the 2022 Dynamic Ranking.

Mainz also stands out for its variety. In the surrounding areas, you will find picturesque wine-growing regions with bucolic charm; in the heart of the city, you will experience the hustle and bustle of a lively metropolis. Here you will find a mixture of historical and modern, the laid-back ways of Rheinhessen and international flair.

The excellent infrastructure means that you can be in Wiesbaden or Frankfurt in no time at all. Together with Mainz, these cities are part of the thriving Rhine-Main metropolitan region, which is not only ideally located from an economic and geographical point of view, but also in terms of climate it feels like the sun is almost always shining in Rheinhessen.

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There's always something going on

The people of Mainz are known to be open-minded, warm-hearted and party-loving. At any time of year, festivals and open-air events await you. The old town with its pubs and wine bars or the famous market breakfast around the cathedral give you a taste of the relaxed way of life on the Rhine.

One spectacular event that you should definitely experience is the carnival. If you miss the carnival season, a visit to the Mewa Arena right next to the campus of Mainz University of Applied Sciences is worth your while, because this is where the first-division soccer team 1. FSV Mainz 05, a self-proclaimed carnival club, ensures a good atmosphere all year round.

An attractive city for students

Mainz has a lot to offer its roughly 40,000 students. There are numerous museums, cultural events, and a wide range of sports and recreational activities.
Student life takes place mainly in the Neustadt and along the Rhine. The riverside promenade invites you to go for a walk or a jog, and on the grassy areas you can relax, sunbathe, or have a barbecue. Not far away you find the Neustadt, offering you a charming mix of historic buildings, bars and cafes, and small stores. In your free time, you can while away the day on one of the many public squares, then explore the nightlife in the trendy clubs.


Ready for the future

As a 21st century city of science, Mainz is investing heavily in science, research, and technology. A new building is currently being added to the university campus, which will soon bring all departments together at one location. Another major project is under construction right next to our campus: a 30-hectare biotechnology hub that is expected to attract new start-ups and research institutions to the city in the future.

Many top international companies are already based in Mainz. This proves to be a big advantage in particular for those starting a career, and many of our students remain in the region after graduation.