Business Administration

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This degree program is the right choice for you, if you

  • are interested in the classic business administration topics
  • wish to study for a bachelor's degree in German and English
  • want to expand your knowledge and skills in the scientific basics of business administration and to deepen them in certain areas
  • want to create a solid basis for first demanding professional and management experiences in companies or for a future master's degree program
  • want to study in small groups (maximum 40 students), in close contact with the lecturers and practice-oriented
  • want to develop and expand your international decision-making skills

At a glance

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Standard period of study:
6 semesters
ECTS credits: 180
Starting semester: winter and summer semester
Languages: German and English

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Application period

For the winter semester: please see attached pdf
For the summer semester: please see attached pdf

What's in store for you

The bachelor's program expands your knowledge in the classic subjects of business administration such as marketing, human resources management, accounting, controlling, investment and finance, corporate management and international management. By dealing with economic and legal aspects, you will also become familiar with the framework conditions of companies. Subject-specific lectures in English as well as courses on the further development of language and key competences round off the range of courses on offer.

With this content, you will learn all aspects of a company's management. You deal with fundamental topics such as planning, implementation, control and monitoring and are also optimally prepared for the various functional areas in companies.

In its bachelor's degree programs, the School of Business attaches great importance to imparting sound basic knowledge. Therefore, a first specialization in certain areas of business administration is only possible in the higher semesters.

Each semester there is at least one course in English - your chance for future professional activities in an international environment.


Studium BWL B.Sc. an der Hochschule Mainz

Flyer (only available in German)


Aims of the degree program

  • Development of professional competence in the basic questions of business administration
  • Conveying topics for a comprehensive view of internal and external operational reality
  • Promotion of methodological competence by transferring theoretical knowledge to projects and practical examples
  • Development of first leadership skills 
  •  Development of first international decision-making skills      

With this degree you will obtain a professional qualification that qualifies you for the first demanding specialist and/or management tasks in companies.

Who is this degree program interesting for?

The degree program concentrates on the scientific basics of business administration. For this reason, it is not necessary to have any previous economic training or experience.

If you are interested in business studies and would like to work in this field, this is the right program for you. You will receive the basic equipment for a solid basis for your professional career, as well as being well-prepared for further career steps in your professional life.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to gain your first individual specialization during your studies.

Program Structure

The program is modular in structure. A module is completed by proof of achievement in the respective semester. During the lecture-free period you will complete internships in companies. In this way, you can combine theory and practice in an optimal way.

The modular degree program has three focal points:

  • Classical basic business administration subjects
  • Complementary aspects of the business environment
  • Language and key competences such as team and communication skills, working scientifically, time management, integration of different knowledge elements and transfer to project- and application-oriented questions, intercultural competences, general education

The various achievements - examinations, presentations, papers, poster presentations, case study work, specialist articles on book projects - strengthen and promote your skills in different fields and prepare you in the best way possible for the professional requirements in practice.

An international orientation is made possible by the offer of languages, English lectures in part, the possibility of stays abroad and our around 40 partner universities abroad.

Overview of the program structure

Lecture periods

The courses take place five days a week from Monday to Friday.

Lectures are held in the summer semester from mid-March to mid-July and in the winter semester from the end of September to the end of January. The periods in between are referred to as lecture-free periods, but are often used for company internships or writing papers.

A standard study period of six semesters is quite realistic. Even a stay abroad in the 5th semester does not normally lead to an extension of the total duration of studies.

Your professional prospects

The bachelor's degree in this program opens up a wide range of career opportunities for you. Due to its generalist structure, the program qualifies you for demanding specialist and first management tasks in all business administration fields of industry, public administration and the service sector.

Possible occupational fields are:

  • Procurement and Production
  • Process and Quality Management 
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources and Organization
  • Finance and Accounting, Controlling
  • Digital Processes

Possible career paths

We would like to show you in which areas you can have a career after your studies by means of a few examples from different industries.

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The lecture and examination schedules of the degree programs of the School of Business are completely available under HIP

Studienstart bis WiSe 2017/18

Informationen zum Studiengang BWL B.A. für Studierende mit einem Studienstart bis Wintersemester 2017/18

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The most important questions and answers about the Business Administration degree program.

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List of the sections of the School of Business with further information.

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AStA, StuPa

The most important student representatives of the University

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Who to contact

Prof. Dr. Caroline Flick
Degree program director
T +49 6131 628-3281
caroline.flick (at)