Business Administration B.Sc.

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This degree program is the right choice for you, if you

  • are interested in the classic business administration topics
  • wish to study for a bachelor's degree in German and English
  • want to expand your knowledge and skills in the scientific basics of business administration and to deepen them in certain areas
  • want to create a solid basis for first demanding professional and management experiences in companies or for a future master's degree program
  • want to study in small groups (maximum 40 students), in close contact with the lecturers and practice-oriented
  • want to develop and expand your international decision-making skills


You already know your skills? Or maybe you would first like to find out what areas of business administration you are particularly interested in?


A business administration bachelor's degree program at Mainz University of Applied Sciences allows you to do both: You will get a well-founded understanding of classic business administration and at the same time have the opportunity to specialize in the higher semesters. You study entirely according to your skills and personal interests.

At a glance

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Standard period of study: 6 semesters
ECTS credits: 180
Starting semester: winter and summer semester
Languages: German (80%) and English (20%)
Semester fee: 350€ (incl. semester ticket)

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Application period

Summer semester 2024:
November 15th, 2023 to January 15th, 2024
Winter semester 2024/2025:
Estimated as of now for mid-May 2024 to July 15th, 2024

Your appetite for knowledge – our curriculum

You have fun with business correlations, like to juggle numbers, you're motivated and passionate about other cultures and languages?

Then our bachelor's degree in Business Administration is the right path for you! Here you will not only delve into the classic business administration topics, you will also learn about economic and legal issues. You will combine broad basic knowledge with an individual specialization.

The procedures for exams are governed by the General Examination Regulations (APO) and the Subject-related Examination Regulations (FPO).

The range of required modules in the bachelor's degree in Business Administration is varied: 

Finance & Accounting: The business foundation for success
Accounting is used to record, monitor and evaluate all business management activities. You will gain a systematic, application-oriented overview of the most important methods and instruments of business finance.

Human Resource Management: People power
The staff are among the central pillars of every company. You will gain insight into the operational areas of HR management and organization and become familiar with the most important functions and structural areas of HR management in organizations.

Management: The corporate compass
Corporate management, strategic and international management, business planning and general business administration – these are the topics you will tackle in Management.

Marketing: Putting the focus on the customer
Innovation, the digital world, an international outlook, and brand and customer behavior are particular key areas in marketing studies at the School of Business. You will learn the role of marketing in a company together with the decisive application of the instruments in the marketing module.

Materials Management, Logistics & Production: The operational input 
In the area of materials management, logistics & production, the focus is on advanced developments and their impact on operational performance. Practical examples establish the relation to IT in a company, to business models and to competitive strategies.

Mathematics & Statistics: Working with numbers
With the classes in mathematics and statistics, you will acquire basic knowledge that you can apply directly within your business studies. You will acquire the ability to formulate and solve business management problems using mathematical and statistical methods.

Methodology: The academic tools
In the first semester, the module Methodology, Systematics, Presentation (MSP) teaches knowledge and skills for working academically. The focus here is on research, text editing, formulation, structuring and correct citation. As a result, you will be ideally prepared for your further studies as well as taking away a great deal in terms of methodology. 

Taxes: Basic knowledge is a must
In the bachelor's degree in Business Administration, you have the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge of financial and tax policy issues. With your newly obtained knowledge, you will be able to navigate the main types of business taxes, handle simple tasks, and know about obligations and rights in the taxation process.

Economics: The big picture
Economics deals with the study and explanation of macroeconomic relationships. Along with the empirical description of the status quo, explanatory approaches using (models) theory are also taught here and possible solutions to problems are worked out.

Business Law: Combining legal and business perspectives
Business law encompasses the entirety of legal provisions that regulate the legal relationships of organizations and individuals involved in the business world. In the bachelor's degree in Business Administration, you will learn the basics of contract and business law.

Information Systems: Looking beyond the horizon
In the Project Management, Companies & ICT and Digital Economy modules, you will learn the basics of information systems which are important for the professional use of IT solutions in business.


Heutzutage legen Unternehmen nicht nur Wert auf fachliche Kompetenzen, sondern auch verstärkt auf sogenannte Soft Skills, womit persönliche, methodische und soziale Kompetenzen gemeint sind. Im gesamten Studium und besonders im Bereich Studium Integrale wird besonderer Wert auf die Erweiterung der Soft Skills gelegt.  

Wie man Chancen erkennt oder gute Entscheidungen trifft, können Sie im breiten Wahlpflichtangebot mit Fächern auf Deutsch und Englisch lernen. Sie beschäftigen sich zum Beispiel mit Business Etiquette oder sozialer Interaktion. Insbesondere die Kommunikationsfähigkeit steht im Zentrum. Studierende an der Hochschule Mainz werden darauf vorbereitet professionell in Teams zu arbeiten, zu kommunizieren und Konflikte selbstständig zu lösen. 

In Modulen wie Working in Multicultural Teams oder Negotiations Skills können Sie über den Tellerrand Ihres BWL-Studiums schauen. Die Dozenten legen großen Wert auf die Vermittlung interkultureller Kompetenzen und bringen die Studierenden in Kontakt mit anderen Kulturen.   


The curriculum in detail

More on the program structure

Options – so much to choose from

In the fifth semester of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, you have the opportunity to specialize and in turn deepen your knowledge in a specific option program. Alternatively, you have the choice of selecting a variety of subjects to give you a broad base in business administration. You can choose from 50 options. You will find them in the Option Guide or in connection with the degree program curriculum.


Would you like to acquire experience abroad? The fifth semester is ideal for a semester abroad. The degree program examinations scheduled for this semester can also be taken abroad, and you have the opportunity to take options at our partner universities that are not offered in this form at our university.

Our lecturers and their options



Learn more about the options

In­ter­na­tio­nal – The world is yours to experience

At Mainz University of Applied Sciences, an international outlook is very important to us, and contact with students around the world is very close to our hearts. Whether it's foreign language modules, a short stay abroad or a semester at one of our 70 partner universities worldwide – with us, all doors are open to you.


A semester abroad offers you the opportunity to deepen your language skills and get to know other cultures. With financial support from Erasmus+ students can easily study in another European country. With more than 70 partner universities around the world and opportunities such as the Summer Schools in in the UK, USA or China, we offer you prospects for a career in an international environment.


In each semester, at least one course is held in English. For this reason, you must provide proof of English skills (level B1+) by the end of the 2nd semester. In the modules English I & II you will improve your written and oral skills in business English to reach the level B2+.

Would you like to work in an international environment in the future and use your advanced language skills to score points? Then you can learn additional languages at Mainz University of Applied Sciences or improve your skills, for example in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian or Spanish. Are you currently lacking a language certificate such as OOPT, TOEIC or TOEFL? No problem! Our Language Center will assist you in acquiring language certificates. Students of all schools of Mainz University of Applied Sciences and JGU can use the language classes offered by the other university. The cooperation not only covers the language courses, but also the internationally recognized language exams.

In addition, students have the chance to flexibly acquire or deepen their knowledge of languages using the Rosetta Stone online language-learning services.

Learning the language is not the only thing that is important to us, we also focus on interaction and personal contact with other cultures. In cooperation with students around the world, you will learn this through projects, thereby combining professional work and intercultural learning.


Practical experience already during your studies

More than 70 professors and 140 lecturers bring real-world experience to the School of Business. 400+ cooperation partners afrom the business world offer you an existing network to gain experience, expand your knowledge and make important contacts during your studies.


As a university of applied sciences, we strongly emphasize true practical relevance and prepare you ideally for your professional challenges. All of our approximately 200 lecturers at the School of Business come from the real world and turn theoretical knowledge into something you can experience. Guest lectures, workshops, and field trips are integrated into the classes, such as in the Business Planning module (5th semester) – here students have the ideal combination of theory and practice. In addition to your studies, you will complete a 16-week mandatory internship, which can be completed in one or more companies. You also have the option of writing your bachelor's thesis together with a company to get even closer to the practical side of things.


Our Company Fair brings students and 40+ companies together for networking at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Guest lectures by renowned companies as part of the M3 lectures enable students to broaden their horizons. An open exchange of ideas is the top priority here. The job portal jobteaser provides support in your search for the latest jobs during your studies, internship offers and opportunities to start your career.


Would you like to gain even more practical experience through a degree program that integrates vocational training or your job? Then find out more about our dual degree programs BWL dual B.Sc. and BWL (Öffentlicher Dienst) dual B.Sc.


Mainz – studying in style

At Mainz University of Applied Sciences, the way you study is modern, intimate and individual – we focus on your future. The city of Gutenberg, Mainz has a lot to offer with its historic old town, its beautiful location on the Rhine, and the Mainz 05 premier league soccer club.


We know our students personally. With around 3,100 students, the School of Business is not too large and, with over 200 lecturers from the business world, we have a direct connection to the practical world and wide-ranging expertise. The university offers the right location: for studying, for project work, or for just exchanging ideas with fellow students.

Your advantages

  • Individual support in semester groups (approx. 40 students) 

  • Open workstations with free wifi  

  • Library with OpenPlus

  • Modern Mensa and cafeteria  

  • Own tram stop right in front of the campus 

  • Great mobility with our semester ticket

We accompany your first steps into your studies with numerous events during the orientation week. You will forge your first contacts with students at the university, attend preparatory classes and receive important tips on student life from the student representatives (AStA, departmental student councils and StuPa). If you have any questions about studying, our Academic Advisory Services will be happy to help you.




Mainz is a popular student city in the heart of the Rhine-Main region. Statistically, one in every five people in Mainz is a student. This makes the city of Gutenberg one of the most important university locations in Germany. The distances here are short, whether it' s to Wiesbaden, downtown Frankfurt or the airport. Mainz is also well-known as an interesting media location; ZDF, SWR and the Rhein-Main publishing group have their headquarters here.

The old town has its own flair with its narrow alleyways and stores. The downtown district also invites visitors to sit and relax in its charming squares. Breakfast at the market, Marktfrühstück, is a must for everyone who lives in Mainz; people meet for Weck, Worscht, Woi, which translates to a roll with sausage and some wine. One of the most beautiful places in Mainz is the banks of the Rhine, where many students spend their free time, esepcially when the sun is shining.

The Mainzer Fastnacht (carnival) and especially the Rosenmontagumzug (Rose Monday parade) offer a special experience that every new resident of Mainz simply should not miss.

Soccer fans also get their money's worth – Mainz 05's stadium is located right next to the university in an attractive location. Eintracht Frankfurt fans also have their favorite club practically around the corner.


Hear from our students

Bachelor's degree - and then what?

After completing your bachelor's degree in Business Administration, you can deepen your knowledge with a corresponding master's degree at our university. You can choose from a variety of master's degrees that will allow you to specialize further and prepare you perfectly to start your professional career and reach your next milestone.


The Management M.Sc. prepares you to take on demanding professional and managerial tasks in private companies and public enterprises in higher civil service.

Are you interested in Latin American culture and can you speak Spanish well too? Then become a Latin America expert specializing in the field of International Business with the Maestria Argentino-Alemana M.A. degree.

Auditing is right up your alley? The on-the-job Master Auditing M.Sc. (AuditXcellence) of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Mainz University of Applied Sciences prepares you perfectly for your auditing career.

Studying with people from all over the world and with different cultural backgrounds sounds exciting and challenging to you? The English-language master's degree program International Business M.A. offers you exactly that, to work in multinational companies or in internationally operating public organizations.

Career after graduation


Karriere nach dem Studium


Check career paths

What our students are saying


At least one module is offered in English each semester. The academic achievement/exam must also be completed in English.


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is only taught bilingually at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. The subsequent master's degree in International Business is taught entirely in English.


No, for the bachelor's degree all subjects and their respective examinations must be completed. If you are already able to present proof of academic achievements from other universities, it is possible to have these recognized after they have been individually examined. You can attend some lectures as a guest student.


Classes in the winter semester usually start in late September/early October, in the summer semester usually in mid-March. Our students have a lecture-free period, meaning semester break, after the winter semester from the end of January to the middle of March and after the summer semester from the middle of July to the beginning of October. The given periods may shift slightly. The bachelor's degree in Business Administration is a full-time program – classes are held Monday through Friday during the semester.


You may select a total of six options, four of which are mandatory.
See the Program Structure for more information on modules and options.


The international orientation is extremely important in this degree program. A semester abroad is not obligatory, but it is recommended. Since you can choose options in the 5th semester by topics based on your interests, this semester is particularly suitable for a semester abroad without losing time.


The orientation week serves as a systematic introduction to the degree program for all first-semester students. You will get to know your semester group and the university, attend introductory events, and have the opportunity to ask each other questions. The orientation week always takes place one week before classes begin – in the summer semester usually in the second week of March, in the winter semester usually in the last week of September.


The general university athletics (AHS) for our students are organized by JGU Mainz. The range of activities is varied – from A for aerobics or American football to archery, capoeira, jiu-jitsu, sailing, underwater rugby and Y for yoga. The athletic program includes health and general sports activities along with competitive sports. All you need to participate is your student ID. You can find both the complete list of activities and the registration procedures in the program booklet (only available in German).


More questions?


Who to contact

Antje Scherrer
Degree program coordinator
T +49 6131 628-3438
bwl-ba-vz (at)