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We are pleased that you have decided to study at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Studying at Mainz University of Applied Sciences means intensive contacts between students and university teachers, small teaching units and many joint projects.

We know that the decision to live and study in a foreign country is always a difficult and exciting step. But it is one that you will not regret.

We at the International Office will support you in your plans and are here for you before and during your stay here in Mainz. We offer assistance with an introduction to studying here (at the beginning of the summer and winter semester). In addition, tutors are also available to answer questions about everyday life, other organizational questions and, of course, questions about studying.

Information concerning Coronavirus


Unsere Aktivitäten werden durch die Lokale Erasmus+ Initiative (LEI) unterstützt.

Student exchange to Hochschule Mainz – winter semester 2021/22

Dear students, dear friends and colleagues,

Hochschule Mainz, University of Applied Sciences, is looking forward very much to welcoming exchange students in the winter semester 2021/22 - academic year 2021-22.

We know that a stay abroad during your studies is a "once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity" for you. Because of the curriculum it is often not possible to postpone it to the next semester. We believe that a foreign experience with "corona restrictions" is better than no experience abroad.

So far, the corona crisis in Germany has been managed well and students who have been with us during the last semesters and the current winter semester were and are safe. We assume that this will be also the case in the future.

However, due to the unpredictable development of the corona situation we have to be prepared for different scenarios. Concerning the upcoming winter semester, we hope again that it will certainly not be a pure attendance semester, as it was before Corona. The most likely scenario is a hybrid semester, i.e. a mixture of attendance and online courses. This may mean that

  • lectures as well as workshops will start as online courses during the first few weeks in order to move on to classroom teaching as soon as the corona restrictions are further lifted.
  • some courses will be offered completely online while others, especially courses with smaller groups, are offered completely face-to-face.

If the situation worsens and the infection rate rises again, there is also the possibility that the winter semester 2021 will be a pure online semester. Who knows…?

The winter semester starts on Thursday 23rd of September 2021 with the introduction week. We advise exchange students to arrive slightly earlier so that they can settle in before the start of studies. Please be prepared to self-isolate after arriving in Germany, if this is again recommended by the government at the time.

We recommend that you make financial commitments, such as booking flights, at the latest possible date. Please also choose flights that can be cancelled, if necessary. Please note that rooms in the student residence can only be rented for the entire semester, from September 2021 to February 2022.

Hochschule Mainz is monitoring the situation closely, and we continue to adhere to government guidelines and keep you informed:


Important and essential information for Germany are being provided by the Robert Koch-Institute as well as by the Ministries for Foreign Affairs and for Interior:

The City of Mainz informs on:


Whatever the final scenario will be, in the end it is your decision whether you want to come to Mainz and study at the UAS Mainz in the summer semester 2021 under the given uncertain circumstances or postpone your stay to the winter semester 2021 if your study plan allows it.

In any case, we will do everything in our power to support you. We want to keep our relationship creative and alive, and our friendship to endure.