material testing authority

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What we offer

  • determination of characteristic values of metal und mineral test specimen as well as samples of polymers and glass
  • external monitoring of sandwich panels
  • testing of fasteners
  • testing of steel samples (tensile tests, hardness testing, Charpy v-notch test) 
  • concrete cube tests 
  • testing of rock samples (cubical and cylindrical compression test)
  • quality testing of GRP-tube-inliners for refurbishment of sewer pipes
  • pendulum impact tests of glass panes 
  • building damage surveys  

Testing rigs, testing machines and measurement equipment

At the Amtliche Prüfstelle für Baustoffe several testing machines used for static and dynamic testing and a climate chamber for artificial ageing of material samples are avaiable.

  • Dyna-Mess Dynamic universal testing machine (20 kN), 2008
  • Dyna-Mess Dynamic universal testing machine (50 kN), 2012
  • Dyna-Mess Dynamic universal testing machine (165 kN), modernised in 2010
  • Zwick/Doli 1445 precision testing machine (10 kN) with 4-point flexure test
  • Zwick 1485 universal testing machine (250 kN), modernised in 2010
  • Form und Test testing rig with 600 kN with 3-point clamp-on extensometer 
  • Form und Test 4-beam testing rig with 4000 kN
  • Losenhausenwerk Düsseldorfer Maschinenbau AG UBP 500 (5000 kN)
  • testing rig for pendulum impact tests of glass panes
  • diverse measurement equipment and small tools

The institute operates modern static and dynamic testing machines, high-end digital measurement technology with sensors for force, displacement and strain, a modern digital image correlation measurement system with six cameras and a climate chamber, in which full size sandwich panels can be aged artificially. 

Together with the Stahlbaulabor at Technische Universität Darmstadt, the institute runs a testing rig, to investigate the tightness of joints in constructions made of sandwich elements and to futher optimize the geometries of element joints. Jointlengths of up to 2 x 3 meters can be tested.