Geoinformatics and Surveying

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Master in Geoinformatics and Surveying

If the bachelor's degree in geoinformatics and surveying is not enough for you, if you want to deepen your knowledge or if you would like to do research, then the master's degree program Geoinformatics and Surveying is exactly the right program for you.

Put your study profile together largely according to your wishes - if you are more interested in surveying, then you will deal with the fields of engineering geodesy, industrial metrology, 3D photogrammetry or land management in the master's program. If you want to deepen your knowledge in geoinformatics, choose modules on the topics of digital image analysis, software engineering or distributed geoinformation systems. You can also mix the two areas. The possibility of an interdisciplinary orientation through the choice of modules from archaeology and prehistory is unique in Germany.

At a glance

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
ECTS credits: 120
Starting semester: winter semester
Language: German
Followed by: Assessor, ÖbVI (Publicly Appointed Surveyors Association), possible doctorate

Application period

Winter semester 2024/2025: estimated as of now from mid-May 2024 to July 15th, 2024

Your professional prospects

Graduates of the master's program are in demand from the same employers as those with a bachelor's degree. As a rule, however, they are used where they can assume a higher degree of professional and personnel responsibility

The master's degree allows you to be placed in the higher technical administration civil service, which was previously reserved primarily for graduates of the corresponding degree programs at universities.

Immediately after your studies, you can take up the preparatory service for the career of the higher technical administration civil service in surveying and property management. If you follow this up with a one-year internship, you can be appointed as a publicly appointed surveyor. This entitles you to carry out official cadastral surveys.

If you are particularly interested in geoinformatics during your studies, you will be more likely to work for a company in the field of systems engineering or software development.

The master's degree also gives you the opportunity to earn a doctorate.

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