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Gender and name change possible for students!

As of the 2023 summer semester, students and prospective students have the option of having their gender listing and name changed at the Office of Student Affairs without a certificate of change from the civil registry office. The new master data is stored in the CIM and forms the basis for all documents to be issued (transcripts, enrollment certificates, student mail address for enrollment, etc.).

In addition to the application, the supplementary document from the dgti (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität e.V. (German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality)) is needed. Students and prospective students can obtain the application from AStA, the Office of Student Affairs, the Equality Office or on the right under Links.

Background: The German Federal Constitutional Court has declared the previous so-called Transsexuals Act unconstitutional. According to the new law, it should be possible to change gender and name with a simple declaration at the civil registry office. On the one hand, this prevents prospective students who want to begin their studies at Mainz University of Applied Sciences in the 2023/2024 winter semester from incurring unnecessary additional expense because their application would still have to be submitted under their old name, but the enrollment process would then continue under the new name according to the new legal situation. On the other hand, it is unclear whether the gender and name changes under the new law will also apply retroactively; for example, whether students can request that certificates issued in the past under the old name be changed. For this reason, Mainz University of Applied Sciences has decided to waive the effective date of the new law and instead make name and/or personal status changes possible on a low-threshold basis with immediate effect.

If you have any questions about the new change option and its implementation, please contact the Equal Opportunity Office or Katharina Dötzer at the Office of Student Affairs, who has kindly developed the application in a working group of the Equal Opportunity Office.

Who to contact

Prof. Dr. Katharina Dahm
Central Equal Opportunity Officer
T +49 6131 628-3312
gleichstellung (at)
Mona Takow
Project Coordinator
T +496131628/7306
mona.takow (at)