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Welcome to the International Young Professionals Academy!

At IYPA, we strive to support you not only with the first steps of your studies but also to make the transition into the professional world as smooth as possible for you.

What is the IYPA?

The goal of the Academy is to highlight the opportunities you as international students and graduates are going to have on the German job market - and specifically in the Rhine-Main metropolitan area - as well as to equip you with the necessary skill set that will guarantee a successful start of your professional life.

To ensure this, we offer a diverse range of events and courses designed to support you throughout your studies and beyond. From academic workshops to networking opportunities with industry professionals, we help you create a even more competitive job profile and foster meaningful collaborations between you, your peers and potential employers.

How the IYPA can support You

...on your Academic Journey

We understand the challenges you may face as international students, which is why we offer a range of resources tailored to enhance your academic experience.


Available for B2 and/or C1 language level to provide you with the language skills necessary to excel in your studies and integrate into German society as well as job market more easily.


Seize the opportunity to connect with peers from the academy and receive personalized guidance from experienced tutors. Whether you need assistance with coursework, study strategies, or simply seek a supportive community, our mentoring program is here to help.


Improve your skills and confidence in German academic communication and get valuable input on how to write a thesis.


...on your Professional Journey

We are ging to regularly host career events, including our Matching Week twice per year where you get to connect in person with leading companies.


Internships, Working Student positions, Master theses at companies: Explore offers tailored to your skills and ambitions. We are working on securing career opportunities in various fields for you


Gain insights into potential employers through presentations from companies looking to connect with you as well as through tailored workshops on how to secure and approach a job interview here in Germany.


Why Should You Get Involved?


  • Networking: Build connections with professionals in your field of study.
  • Real-World Experience: Internships, working student placements etc. provide hands-on, practical experience.
  • Career Guidance: Navigate your career path with guidance from experienced professionals (e.g. Workshops with HR, Agentur für Arbeit etc.).
  • Specific Study Support and a Valuable Close-Knit Community: Become part of a diverse community that gives you the opportunity to foster meaningful connections for your personal and professional lives.

How To Join

Joining the IYPA is a straightforward process designed to welcome motivated students who want to enhance their academic and career prospects

Here's how you can become part of our community:

  • Application Periods: IYPA accepts applications every year from July 1 to October 13.

  • Formal Requirements:

    1. Motivation Letter: Applicants are required to submit a motivation letter outlining their goals, aspirations, and expectations from the academy. This letter should detail what they hope to achieve as part of the academy and how they envision the academy supporting their journey.
    2. Application Form: Prospective students must complete the application form, providing essential information such as their study program, level of German knowledge, semester, and preferred course path.

Once the application period has ended, we carefully review all submissions to ensure that the students we admit align with the values and goals of the academy. Successful applicants will receive notification of their acceptance and further instructions on the next steps.

We would love to welcome you as part of the academy!

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Your IYPA Team

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