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Prospective Students

Your successful start at Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Start your university journey as part of our international student community at Mainz Unviersity of Applied Sciences!

Our university offers a diverse and challenging range of study programs across our three schools: Business, Engineering, and Design.
We prioritize practical teaching, innovative research, and a tangible internationalization experience.

As an international student, you will benefit from our comprehensive support services. Our International Office and Office of Student Affairs are here to assist you with any questions regarding your studies, application process, visa application, and integration into student life. We organize numerous events and activities every semester to promote intercultural exchange and provide you with an unforgettable study experience in Mainz.

Mainz is an attractive city with a vibrant culture and a dynamic student scene. As a study destination, Mainz offers an ideal combination of academic excellence and high quality of life. You will quickly feel at home here and have the opportunity to forge new friendships.

Feel free to explore the links on the right-hand side for more information about our study programs, admission requirements, and student life in Mainz. If you have any questions, we are always available to assist you.

We look forward to welcoming you personally to Hochschule Mainz and accompanying you on your academic journey!


The advantages of Mainz University of Applied Sciences at a glacne

MA.IB student Enejda, Albania (top left)
"The university provides us with  a diverse range of comprehensive knowledge and equips us with valuable skills and expertise. Through engaging lectures, rigorous academic programs, and experienced professors, the university enables a stimulating learning environment that encourages critical thinking and independent research. Moreover, it promotes both individual and group work, and motivates us to strive for optimal progress, while embracing differences and stimulating cultural exchange."

5 Main(z) Reasons

Here are 5 reasons why Mainz is the perfect study location for you:

  1. Mainz Feeling: The people of Mainz share a special way of life characterized by warmth, openness, and sociability, creating a sense of belonging and making all visitors and newcomers feel at home - the "Mainz feeling."
  2. Vibrant Community: Mainz, as a student city, offers a wide range of cultural events and institutions, including theater performances, concerts, festivals, and numerous museums. The General Student Committee (AStA) at the university also organizes its own events and celebrations for students in Mainz. Whether it's enjoying the wine taverns and market breakfast in the summer or participating in the Mainz Carnival with its Rose Monday parade in the winter, there is plenty to experience.
  3. Thriving Rhein-Main Metropolitan Region: Mainz benefits from its convenient location and excellent transportation connections to other German and European cities. With your semester ticket, you can easily and comfortably travel to places like Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, downtown Frankfurt, or even Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in Germany. Moreover, the Rhein-Main region is one of the most important economic centers in Germany, offering numerous exciting career opportunities across all sectors.
  4. Picturesque Mainz: Situated on the banks of the Rhine River, Mainz is not only the wine capital of Germany but also captivates visitors with its abundant opportunities for outdoor activities and excursions, extending beyond the city limits. Take a leisurely stroll along the Rhine promenade in the summer, ending the day with an impressive sunset and a glass of local wine, or explore the most popular stages of the Rheinsteig hiking trail, enjoying breathtaking views of the Rhine Valley.
  5. Media City Mainz: As the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz is a city rich in history. It is the birthplace of modern printing, revolutionized by Johannes Gutenberg. The Gutenberg Bible from the 15th century can be admired here in its original form. Take a leisurely walk through the picturesque, cobblestone-paved old town to soak in the beauty of the half-timbered houses, or explore the Roman city wall and the ancient theater. Above all, the over 1000-year-old Mainz Cathedral is always worth a visit.

Enjoy your time in Mainz and make the most of these wonderful experiences and opportunities.