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Try before you apply

Try out what suits you best

The first step in the orientation process is examining your own strengths and interests. Try before you apply is primarily about academic tendencies and not about individual degree programs. Discover the diversity of our schools of Design, Engineering, and Business. Students present the following topics in workshops:


1. I want to do something creative: From idea to implementation, just what is design all about? Poster design, illustration, photography, web design, animation, copywriting, and all the rest. Goethe and Picasso rarely come up; instead be creative yourself and turn ideas into reality. // Workshop instructors: students from Communication Design and Time-Based Media

2. You would like to leave your fingerprint on the urban landscape: Designing, creating, calculating . . . The life cycle of a building beginning with the idea and design, through planning, maintenance, implementation, and more . // Workshop instructors: students from Architecture and Civil Engineering

3. Start your own business: From the idea to the execution - how does a business start-up actually proceed? How do you go about it and what hurdles do you need to overcome? // Workshop instructors: students from Business Administration and Business Law


Are you creative or technically talented, do you have a good sense of space or do you feel called to the world of business? Find out!

Questions and registration

Frank Mahle // Representative for the gateway between school & university

T  +49 06131 628 7401

schule (at)

Target group: The workshops are aimed at school classes.

Timeframe: Varies between 45 and 90 minutens, depending on the time needed.

Place: At the university or at the school

Number of workshops: To be arranged

The contents are individually adapted to the needs of the group. If you are interested, please contact us.


Try before you apply is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Further Education and Cultural Affairs of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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