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Prof. Wolf Gutjahr

Prof. Wolf Gutjahr

School of Design | Department of Interior Architecture
Professor of Scenography and Design Fundamentals

Hochschule Mainz
Prof. Wolf Gutjahr
Room H3.07
Holzstraße 36
55116 Mainz

Scenography and Design Basics

Member of the Senate of Mainz University of Applied Sciences
Member of the Design Faculty Council Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Interior Design Examination Board / Department of Design
Qualifying Examination Board Interior Design / Faculty of Design

by appointment


Wolf Gutjahr 

Prof. Wolf Gutjahr teaches Scenography, Scenic Space and Design Fundamentals at Interior Design at Interior and Spatial Design Department / School of Design.

He grew up in Munich, assisted at the Schauspielhaus Bochum, the Frankfurt Opera and the Toneelgroep Amsterdam and studied Scenography (Diploma) at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe.
He has been working internationally as a scenographer and stage and costume designer for musical theatre and drama since 1994.

Wolf Gutjahr conceives, researches and realises dramaturgically structured, scenic-performative work spaces. These do not exist as artistic self-purposes, but formulate site- and media-specific, interdisciplinary platforms for creative, artistic and media forms of expression.

He is a member of the Selection Committee Architecture Worldwide of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and of the Foundation Board of the Haus des Erinnerns - für Demokratie und Akzeptanz Mainz.



BLINDE FLECKEN - Crime scenes of National Socialism in Mainz urban society 

Scientific Publication / Catalogue

In the summer semester 2020, 25 student projects at Mainz University of Applied Sciences researched scenographic-performative and architectural-spatial aspects of National Socialist crime scenes in Mainz (project management: Prof Wolf Gutjahr, Prof Antje Krauter).

From 2 - 27 March 2021, the best works will be presented to the public in the LUX Pavilion at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. The exhibition is accompanied by this catalogue.

The projects were supported by the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Rheinland-Pfalz LpB, the Haus des Erinnerns in Mainz and other Mainz institutions and citizens.

ISBN: 978-3-00-067268-2




Based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's REQUIEM (1791 / KV 626), seven interdisciplinary teams of students from the Interior Architecture and Communication Design Bachelor's degree programmes developed and realised immersive, scenographic artistic interventions and spatial stagings for the university car park on campus in the summer semester of 2021.

The site-specific works by MOZARTGARAGE were shown publicly there on 30 June 2021 #1.
A highly concentrated and curated presentation #2 by MOZARTGARAGE was on show from 19 August to 10 September 2021 in the LUX Pavilion at Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

Mozart's REQUIEM is one of the iconographic examples of funeral music.
Car parks are gigantic death houses of a fossilised concept of individual car mobility and thus ideal places for the artistic-scenographic examination of Mozart's REQUIEM.

The spectrum of artistic-scenographic works created as part of MOZARTGARAGE ranges from performative and participatory actions to temporary architecture, spatial installations and soundscapes.

This publication documents these student works.

Project Management: Prof. Kirstin Arndt and Prof. Wolf Gutjahr

ISBN: 978-3-936723-43-4


WE ORANGE THE WORLD - An initiative of Mainz University of Applied Sciences 


Interdisciplinary student teams from the Interior Architecture and Communication Design Bachelor's degree programmes at Mainz University of Applied Sciences have developed various artistic-scenographic projects for three days of action during ORANGE DAYS 2022 for the Mainz urban space between Schillerplatz (LUX) and Gutenbergplatz (Staatstheater) as well as for Mainz University of Applied Sciences, the Haus des Erinnerns - für Demokratie und Akzeptanz Mainz and social media.

With text-based design, artistic-scenographic installations, participatory interventions and various communicative formats, we want to call for a broader commitment against violence against women and offer help to those affected.

Project-Management: Prof. Kirstin Arndt and Prof. Wolf Gutjahr

ISBN: 978-3-936723-44-1 ; ;;



Interim report from a scenographic research project
in: Media Archive Performance 13 / University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig / 2023

Theatre is a platform for cultural and artistic research in the centres of our urban societies. In the current day-to-day work of state and municipal theatres, awareness of this research mission is increasingly receding into the background. Due to internal and external pressure, the existing theatrical enabling spaces with their various historical and contemporary ideational and architectural overlays are being continually curtailed and in some cases are being called into question by more than just the theatre's sponsors.

The ZEIT-FUGEN/inbetweens project centres on the question of the possibilities of developing and using temporary scenic spaces by confronting and overlapping existing or vanished architectural situations and urban structures. The project examines the interactions between current existing buildings of theatre locations and the architectural and urban structures that previously existed there in connection with the collective memories of the respective urban societies. The aim is to formulate theses on the definition, visualisation and staging of the spatial structures created by these overlaps as scenic places of communication. Site-specific temporary realisation sketches are intended to provide impulses for communicative processes in urban society as well as within the theatre.

Editors:Prof. Dr phil. habil. Barbara Büscher, Prof. Dr.-I

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