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Biotechnology Academy RLP

Kick-off event with expert dialogue at Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Rhineland-Palatinate is already a strong biotechnology hub with numerous companies, research groups, and educational opportunities. However, the shortage of skilled professionals also poses challenges for Rhineland-Palatinate as a biotechnology center. To continue the development of academic education and professional training in biotechnology, close networking and continuous and intensive exchange between science and industry are essential. For this reason, the newly founded Biotechnologie-Akademie Rheinland-Pfalz (RLP) (Biotechnology Academy Rhineland-Palatinate) is hosting a dialogue with skilled professionals featuring notable representatives from the worlds of politics, business, and science on the campus of Mainz University of Applied Sciences on April 24, 2023, at 6 p.m.

“We are very pleased to host the first Biotechnology Professionals Dialogue. In the future, the university will be situated in the heart of the Life Science Campus of Mainz and the demand for well-trained specialists will continue to grow. As a university of applied sciences, we are excited to be able to play a decisive role in ensuring the successful further development of the Life Science & Biotechnology Hub in Mainz,” says Prof. Dr. Susanne Weissman, President of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, who will personally be opening the event together with Dr. Denis Alt, State Secretary in the Ministry of Science and Health of Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition, the new Mayor of Mainz, Nino Haase, will deliver a welcoming address to those present.

The Skilled Professionals Dialogue is intended to offer stakeholders from the business and academic communities the opportunity to engage in an exchange and discuss requirements and challenges. The focus on the status of training, continuing education, and needs must be sharpened.  “It is important for us to offer innovative courses that meet the needs of the business world. To do this, it is essential to have a direct exchange,” emphasizes Prof. Dr. Sascha Kemmeter, representative of Mainz University of Applied Sciences at the Akademie. In this context, the Skilled Professionals Dialogue is intended to reconcile academic and business perspectives with the aim of defining challenges and discussing joint approaches to solutions.

Program featuring lectures

  • The Skilled Professionals Situation from a Business Perspective: Dr. Nina Moyer, Head of Human Resources, SCHOTT AG
  • The Job Market Situation in Biotechnology: Heike Strack, Chairwoman of the Management Board, Agentur für Arbeit Mainz
  • The Biotechnology Academy RLP: Prof. Dr. Antje Krause, President of Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences, and Prof. Dr. Sascha Kemmeter, Professor of Business Administration at the School of Business, Mainz University of Applied Sciences
  • Panel discussion

The objectives of the new Biotechnology Academy RLP

The Biotechnology Academy RLP – supported by the Ministry of Science and Health of Rhineland-Palatinate – is a cross-university association with close contacts to companies, research institutes, and educational institutions in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Academy was launched in the summer of 2022 under the leadership of the TH Bingen as part of the Biotechnology Initiative of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. As a networking and communication platform, the Biotechnology Academy aims to harness synergies between schools, universities of applied sciences, universities, companies, start-ups, the political sector, associations, and the scientific community – providing impetus and generating opportunities for collaboration.

“Sound education and training plus targeted advancement of young talent of key importance”

“This is an important step in the direction of networking and exchange between the various educational and scientific institutions and the industry. We must work together to shape the future of the biotechnology industry, and sound education and training plus the targeted advancement of young talent are of key importance in this regard. The Rhineland-Palatinate Biotechnology Academy is able to demonstrate its expertise and commitment in this setting,” says Prof. Dr. Antje Krause, President of Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences.

By creating an educational landscape that takes into account the needs of companies, research groups, and students alike, the Academy aims to tap into new perspectives and strengthen the region's innovative potential. “By cooperating with secondary schools, we intend to get future specialists interested in the industry at an early stage and thereby counteract the shortage of skilled workers. In addition, the Academy network will be able to connect students with potential future employers while they are still studying, making it easier for them to enter the job market while also providing companies with better access to talented young people. We want to give start-ups access to resources, mentors, and potential customers through the Academy to facilitate the start-up process and improve the survival rate of young companies,” summarizes Veronika Schwabl, head of the Biotechnology Academy RLP.

Incorporating business administration and management aspects into the scientific workplace, as well as vocational training and continuing education

Since the establishment of the Biotechnology Academy RLP, initial concepts and projects have been developed and are now being successively applied. The planned measures include:

  • Regular lecture series and events to promote professional exchange
  • Establishment of an online job market in the field of biotechnology
  • Consolidation of existing degree, advanced training and continuing education programs and supplementing them with innovative teaching and learning content – tailored to the needs of the corporate world. Starting with biotechnology, the focus is to be successively expanded to the entire STEM area (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, and technology) to educate and train specialists along the entire education chain, from development to production.
  • Inclusion of business and management aspects in the scientific world of work, vocational training, and continuing education
  • Fostering teaching, research, and start-ups through cross-university expertise
  • Coordinating collaboration with international universities

The academy will be continuously expanded to include representatives from the universities of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate.