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COEUR is back

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A wealth of ideas and creativity on an international stage

After a two-year covid-related hiatus, a COEUR workshop with 27 students from 10 nations and 9 coaches is being held again in Mainz. In the Business Creativity Workshop, students from our partner universities develop entrepreneurial ideas for Europe. This year, the workshop, which starts on September 17 in the Lux Pavilion of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, is entitled Urban Living. Through Thursday, September 22, 2022, students will have an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and businesses, discuss impromptu presentations, and work in teams to independently develop concepts for the future, which they will then present to a panel of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry representatives. This year’s workshop is being financially supported by the Mainzer Stadtwerke.

Dr. Tobias Brosze, Chief Technical Officer of Mainzer Stadtwerke AG: “More and more people are living in cities, and Mainz is continuing to expand as well. This leads to major challenges: energy consumption is increasing, more traffic is polluting the environment, and land consumption is on the rise. That’s why it is important to use resources and opportunities to make an important contribution to a livable, sustainable future – with innovative smart city solutions, for example. The Mainzer Stadtwerke is already working very actively on a number of these solutions. So we are really looking forward to the COEUR workshop and are eager to see the results.”

COEUR stands for “Competence in EuroPreneurship.” The network was founded by university professors from Mainz University of Applied Sciences and Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University with the aim of offering students an innovative entrepreneurial education that goes beyond the usual lectures and makes use of Europe’s creative strengths. Only in this way can Europe develop sustainable future opportunities due to its diversity, according to Matthias Eickhoff, one of the founders of COEUR, who is also a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kreativität (German Society for Creativity). “The creative spirit is our TOP resource!” states Eickhoff. COEUR brings students together at a different partner university each year, providing a space for creative collaboration in cross-culturally blended teams. Since 2004, this is already the 18th workshop, which has previously been held in 6 European countries, as well as once each in China and Brazil.

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