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Two years of the LUX Pavillion of Mainz University of Applied Sciences

For two years now, Mainz University of Applied Sciences has enjoyed a central display window in the heart of the downtown Mainz: the LUX Pavilion in Ludwigsstraße, between Schillerplatz and the Staatstheater, which opened on May 29, 2019 with numerous invited guests from the worlds of culture, science, and politics in attendance.

The pavilion is intended as a place of transfer and creative space and, as an interface between teaching and external partners from the business, cultural, and creative sectors, along with interested members of the public, has become a permanent fixture in the city's cultural life.

Since its opening in May 2019, around 150 exhibitions, events, lecture series and symposiums have taken place in this coveted "showcase" in downtown Mainz. In addition to thesis exhibitions, interdisciplinary exhibition projects, work exhibitions, and conferences, events were also held under corona-compliant conditions last year. Virtual formats included, for example, the Mainz Digital Congress MADKON20, which will take place again this October.

Even during the pandemic-related closure, LUX was able to live up to its function as a transparent venue with window displays, offering spontaneous outdoor exhibition visits 24/7.

"With the LUX Pavilion, Mainz University of Applied Sciences has moved to the center of the city, demonstrating that it perceives itself as an important part of society in the city," said Prof. Dr. Susanne Weissman, President of Mainz University of Applied Sciences. "With LUX, we have the opportunity to become even more involved in the city's events with our cultural activities as well, which was exemplified by the highly regarded project Blind Spots - Sites of National Socialism crimes in the city of Mainz."

This year holds other interesting program highlights in store: International conferences, the LUX as a festival meeting point and, last but not least, as a central showroom for the 25th anniversary, which the university will celebrate with numerous activities and events starting this fall.

For more information on the current program, visit

Highlights from the past two years:

05/29/2019: Opening exhibition "MORE THAN BAUHAUS – The Architecture of the white city Tel Aviv" (Exhibition, Department of Architecture) 

09/24/2019: Der Klang von Lissabon/The Sound of Lisbon (Exhibition, Department of Time-Based Media)

10/22/2019: Hüttchen im Weltkulturerbe Oberes Mittelrheintal/Little Cottages in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site - BUGA 2029 (Exhibition, Department of Architecture)

01/10/2020: OPEN EYES 2020 — Designrundgang/Design Tour (Exhibition, School of Design) 

09/09/2020: LUX4D - Interaktive Zugänge zur Stadtgeschichte/ Interactive Access to City History (Exhibition, Departments of Time-Based Media and Architecture) 

10/30/2020: MADKON20 – Mainzer Digitalkongress/Mainz Digital Congress #digitaleintelligenz (Event, School of Business)

11/10/2020: UNTITLED (Exhibition, Best ofSchool of Design)

03/02/2021: BLINDE FLECKEN – Tatorte des Nationalsozialismus in der Mainzer  Stadtgesellschaft/BLIND SPOTS - Sites of National Socialism Crimes in the City of Mainz (Exhibition, Department of Interior Design

03/27/2021: Virtueller Infotag der Hochschule Mainz/Virtual Info Day of Mainz University of Applied Sciences (Event, Central Administration) 

04/09/2021: TYPE & CHAIRS. DESIGN (GALLERY) (Exhibition, Departments of Communication Design and Interior Design) 

04/29/2021: Reading Rooms. DESIGN (RESEARCH) with supporting programs READ ON and ON. DESIGN (TALKS) (Exhibition and interdisciplinary lecture series, Department of Communication Design)

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