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Prof. Dr. Martin Huschens – Professor for Information Systems

Prof. Dr. Martin Huschens was appointed to Mainz University of Applied Sciences in September 2022 and teaches Information Systems at the School of Business

What prompted you to switch to Mainz University of Applied Sciences?

My passion is teaching and working with young people. So when the opportunity arose for me to accept the professorship after my 3-year stint as a data scientist at Deutsche Bahn, I didn’t have to think twice. What’s more, in the field of information systems I have the chance to provide my students with knowledge and tools in a booming scientific and business field that is developing faster than ChatGPT can generate answers.

What do you find most appealing about your new position?

In my opinion, there are two things at the root of the attractiveness of being a university professor. One is the academic freedom. I'm happy to be able to test and apply individual teaching concepts in the most pleasant of all subjects (information systems), to continue to be active in research and, in addition, to be able to transfer these research results into real-world applications with transfer projects. On the other hand, I also particularly enjoy working with young, committed, and intelligent people. Personally, I can’t imagine a nicer and more motivating working atmosphere than at a university. And all of this in my adopted town of Mainz.

What topic would you like to exchange ideas with students on in a casual setting?

In a relaxed setting, I would try to simply listen to my students and get to know them better on a personal level. As a professor in the lecture hall, you all too often specify the topic all by yourself and do more talking yourself rather than listening. I would be interested to know: What brought this person to Mainz? Why Mainz University of Applied Sciences? What are the students’ evening activities like and what are the topics that concern the students outside of the university?