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Forum 02/2022

New issue of our university magazine

How could the open spaces on the future campus of Mainz University of Applied Sciences be used innovatively? What could areas for student life and working on campus look like, spaces that are inspiring and sustainable and, on top of that, climate-neutral? What is the social responsibility of academic institutions that are committed to the common good? – Science as a factor in urban development (Wissenschaft als Faktor der Stadtentwicklung) is the main topic of the new issue of our university magazine Forum.

The topics covered by the issue range from the social relevance of design today to concepts for the revitalization of existing buildings and the question of how the university can address the history of its Holzstrasse site, which it will vacate in early 2024. In addition, on the occasion of its third anniversary, there is an interview with the director of the LUX Pavilion, Thessa Brenner, along with a series of portraits by graduate Katharina Dubno, who is campaigning for equal rights and women’s rights with her current photography project.

The print edition of Forum is available in the Holzstrasse foyer, in the Magistrale on campus and in the LUX Pavilion.



Future Campus
SUSANNE WEISSMAN – Wissenschaft als Faktor der Stadtentwicklung (Science as a factor in urban development)


You are what you keep.
CORNELIA DOLD, WOLF GUTJAHR – Szenografisch-kuratorischer ErinnerungsTransferRaum (Scenographic-Curatorial MemoryTransferSpace)

Potentiale! (Potentials!)
Alexa Hartig, Lutz Büsing – Konzepte für die Re-Vitalisierung von Bestandsgebäuden (Concepts for Revitalizing Existing Buildings)

Wie sieht die Zukunft der Innenstädte aus? (What does the future of inner-city areas look like?)
HENRIEKE KAYSER –  Award-winning work shows alternative to consumption

Mit dem Bambusfahrrad in die Zukunft (Riding into the future with a bamboo bicycle)
ALFONS BUCHMANN u.a. – Hochschule Mainz arbeitet an einem Prototypen (Mainz University of Applied Sciences is working on a prototype)

Be passionate. Just try.
PETRA EISELE – Zur gesellschaftlichen Relevanz von Design heute (On the social relevance of design today)

“Artificial Takeover” und “Enthüllungen” (“Artificial Takeover” and “Revelations”)
DANIELA TERBUYKEN, MAREIKE KNEVELS – Werkschau Zeitbasierte Medien und Kommunikationsdesign (Time-based Media and Communication Design Exhibition)

This is what a feminist looks like in Frankfurt
KATHARINA DUBNO – Photo Porträts (Portraits in photography)

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it
LUISA MARIA HÖVEL, KAI WILTINGER – Nachhaltigkeitscontrolling im Sport (Sustainability controlling in sports)

Welche Rolle hat ein Social Media-Manager? (What is the role of a social media manager?)
JAN FRÖHLICH, ISABELLE HILLEBRANDT – Erfahrungen im Fachbereich Wirtschaft (Experiences from the School of Business)



International Pathway
ERICH WEILER, DOYEON KIM – Erfahrungen aus dem Kommunikationsdesign (Experiences from Communication Design)

Gemeinsames Ziel: Nachhaltigkeit (Common goal: Sustainability)
CLAUDIA HENSEL, DANIEL PORATH – “Creating Shared Value” und “International Project Days” mit internationaler Beteiligung (Creating Shared Value and International Project Days  with international involvement)



“Das LUX ist nicht nur Veranstaltungsort, sondern auch ein Ort der Reflexion.” (LUX is not just a venue for events, it is also a place for reflection)
Thessa Brenner im Gespräch mit Bettina Augustin über drei Jahre LUX-Pavillon (Thessa Brenner talks with Bettina Augustin about three years of the LUX Pavilion)



Professor Dr. Manfred Walser / Alexander Roidl, Tandem Professor



Tinyhouse – ein Raum voller Möglichkeiten (Tinyhouse – a room full of possibilities) / #daheim_rlp – Zukunfts-Collagen für Rheinland-Pfalz (#athome_rlp - future collages for Rhineland-Palatinate) / Pionierarbeit zur Entgelttransparenz (Pioneering work on pay transparency) / Selected 2022 – Ausstellung und Preisverleihung (exhibition and awards presentation)