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Full House in the Aula

BegrüssungWelcoming the first-year students of the School of Business to the 2022/23 winter semester  der Erstemester Fachbereich Wirtschaft Wintersemester 2022/23

School of Business welcomes 400 first-year students

What do Nilay, Saskia, Alexander, Yavuzalp and Ewa have in common? They are among the 400 new students who are just starting their studies at the School of Business. After four semesters of abstinence, the welcoming ceremony for first-year students took place once again in the packed auditorium on campus. The incoming students were thrilled with the live, in-person event. “I was already curious about my studies and student life in Mainz. Now I’m also really looking forward to getting to know the other students,” said 19-year-old Jonas during the event.

Along with the students, the President of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Professor Dr. Susanne Weissman, and the Dean of the School of Business, Professor Dr. Jörn Redler, were also pleased to see so many first-year students in attendance. The President also encouraged the students to think outside the box and not to be discouraged by any problems that arise.

This is advice the students will surely take to heart in the coming semesters. 17-year-old Nilay has found the right degree program for herself in the Bachelor of Business Law: “I find law and business studies very exciting. And business law has them both.” 24-year-old Alexander has also chosen Business Law, moving from Lübeck to the Rhine just a few days ago. Saskia and Ewa are studying Business Administration because the subject “offers them a lot of opportunities.” Yavuzalp (19), on the other hand, is an IT fan through and through. That’s why only one degree program was an option for him: applied informatics.

For two weeks, the university offers onboarding to first-year students. During this time, the bachelor’s and master’s students have time to get to know the School of Business, the lecturers, the service units, and their fellow students. Classes will then begin in October.

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