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gif Real Estate Research Award

Award ceremony gif Real Estate Research Award

Source: gif e.V., award winner Leonie Riehn (center) with sponsors Dr. Ulrich von Creytz (DWS Real Estate GmbH), Aygül Özkan (ZIA Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss e. V.)

Award for master's degree student Leonie Riehn

Leonie Riehn took 3rd place in the master’s thesis category, which is endowed with €1,250. The gif Real Estate Research Award is the most prestigious research prize in the real estate industry in the German-speaking world and always receives a large number of submissions. This is the first time that an award under this prize, established in 1995, has been given to Mainz University of Applied Sciences. The master’s degree student in the degree program Building and Property Management/Facility Management is very pleased, “I am very happy that my master’s thesis has been awarded the research prize. This success would not have been possible without the great support of my examiners and interview partners.”

In her master’s thesis Das Discounted Cashflow-Verfahren – Entwicklung eines Standards für die Immobilienbewertung (The Discounted Cash Flow Method – Development of a Standard for Real Estate Valuation), she was able to convince the judges with a comprehensive analysis of existing valuation approaches by appraisers, software providers, and association publications, in addition to developing a standardization proposal herself. Her thesis supervisor, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Link, who is also head of the gif Competence Group Market Valuation, emphasized, “With this well-founded basis and the proposals, we are now in a position to bring the existing standard up to an updated and high level.”

Leonie Riehn mit Betreuer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Link

Photo: Leonie Riehn with supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Link

The thesis was developed in cooperation with the real estate fund company PATRIZIA. Jörg Astor, Head of Real Estate Valuation and 2nd examiner of this thesis is highly satisfied. “For us this thesis has a direct added value due to the high transfer capacity. We are now in a position to standardize our DCF valuations and ensure even greater comparability in DCF-based real estate valuations.”