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Innovative teaching in Tirana at EPOKA

Students in bachelor’s programs can sign up for project in Albania

As part of the call for proposals Innovative Lehre durch internationales Gastdozierendenprogramm - Teaching Tandems (Innovative Teaching Through International Guest Lecturer Program – Teaching Tandems) of the School of Business, the project of Prof. Dr. Markus Hehn and Prof. Dr. Anja Wittstock was selected to promote collaborative teaching with our Albanian partner university EPOKA (Tirana). As part of the bachelor option International Finance, which is designed to include students from the full-time degree programs as well as from the dual and job-integrated degree programs, students will have the opportunity to gain international experience and expertise.

During a five-day trip, which will take place in the 2023/2024 winter semester, participants in the option will work on and present project tasks in student teams in person together with students from our partner university. In addition, there are plans for group visits to local companies and organizations with the German and Albanian students. In the run-up to and after the trip, teaching will be carried out collaboratively with our Albanian colleagues using online formats, and performance assessment will be undertaken together as well. Students who are interested in participating can already contact the two lecturers today. Students will receive a significant financial subsidy as part of this international field trip.

Please contact
anja.wittstock (at)
markus.hehn (at)