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This content is only partially available in English.

LEHRimpuls 2022

Member of the panel of judges Professor Gero Quasten and the winners of the next round of Innovative Teaching Projects (Photo by Melanie Billian)

Innovative teaching and learning concepts

Whether it is Tiny Houses with flexibly exchangeable rooms, a project to develop sustainable product ideas transcending continental borders, or concepts for dealing with heavy rain phenomena: Over the past two years, teaching at Mainz University of Applied Sciences has been characterized not only by challenges, it has also been shaped by a multitude of creative and innovative ideas.

Some of the projects were presented at the LEHRimpuls event, which took place on November 10, 2022 in the LUX Pavilion. After a greeting by university president Professor Susanne Weissman, Daniel Bayer and Professor Julia Kühne, Director of the Competence Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, hosted the evening. Five of the teaching projects funded last year by the budget for innovative teaching were presented: From the School of Design, Wie wollen wir in Zukunft studieren? Innovative Lehr- und Lernkonzepte – von Studierenden für Studieren (How do we want to study in the future? Innovative teaching and learning concepts by students for students) by Professor Holger Reckter and Beate Hartwig; from the School of Business, a series of web-based trainings on possible applications of artificial intelligence in marketing by Professor Dr. Bernhard Ostheimer; from Professor Dr. Inka Kaufmann Alves (School of Engineering) the project StARK – Starkregen: Akteur*innen, Risikomanagement und Konzepte (StARK - Heavy Rainfall: Actors, Risk Management and Concepts); from Professor Gerhard Kalhöfer, Daniela Zang, and Sina Hartmann, the project Tinyhouse Reallabor (Tiny House Real Lab) from the School of Design), and finally, Creating Shared Value / Innovation for a better world from Professor Dr. Claudia Hensel (School of Business). In addition, the selected projects for the next funding round were announced by Professor Gero Quasten.

The LEHRimpuls concept is also intended to bring together university members from different fields to discuss the topic of teaching. Between the talks, an interactive break invited participants to engage in Teaching Talks with other students and employees on current key issues in teaching. In addition, those interested had the opportunity to test a VR environment under the instruction of Thomas Lüttich.

In addition, three students, Denise Bieber (Time-Based Media), Benedikt Jugel (International Civil Engineering), and Johanna Meisser (Civil Engineering) were honored for their submissions to the hOERsaal competition. The objective of the competition was to introduce students to the topics of Open Educational Resources (OER) and copyright and usage rights. For this, the students had created learning graphics with facts from their studies and made them available under a Creative Commons license on the OpenEdu-RLP portal.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the participants were subsequently given the opportunity to discuss the projects and possibly develop new creative ideas in the process.

Based on current planning, innovative teaching concepts will be presented again in 2023 as part of a LEHRimpuls event.