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Photo: Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Mainz University of Applied Sciences conceives Late Light Festival with the City of Mainz

Together with the state capital Mainz and Mainz University of Applied Sciences, mainzplus CITYMARKETING is organizing a new event this year where the theme of light will play the starring role. Mainz University of Applied Sciences is substantially involved in this event. Students of the degree program Time-Based Media will design impressive light projections for the light festival. The aim is to further liven up the downtown area with spectacular light installations and create a new, appealing experiences for locals and tourists alike. Well-known Mainz buildings along the “Mile of Lights” from the Rheingoldhalle to Schillerplatz will be illuminated with video projections – accompanying programs on the theme of light will round off the event.

The special highlight of Mainz leuchtet – Das Late Light Festival are the video projections designed by the Time-Based Media degree program of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, which use modern technologies with moving images and animated stories on the facades of prominent buildings. This year’s event will focus on the following buildings: Osteiner Hof (Schillerplatz), St. Martin’s Cathedral (east choir), Mainz State Theater, Deutsche Bank (former Karstadt), mainz STORE on the market square, and the Rheingoldhalle and adjacent Jockel-Fuchs-Platz. This will give Mainz a “Mile of Lights” from September 28 to 30 (in the evening), which will run through the center of Mainz – and will also involve the local businesses. Additional program highlights will be announced in the coming weeks.

Admission to the new event attraction Mainz leuchtet – Das Late Light Festival is free of charge. The initiators look forward to seeing a large number of visitors, who are expected to enjoy both the video projections and the offerings of the city center participants. For information on the event, visit

Nino Haase, the Mayor of the state capital Mainz, is looking forward to the event: “The idea for the project Mainz leuchtet was born out of the recent coronavirus pandemic to support the stakeholders in the downtown area and to give the locals and tourists a – in the truest sense of the word – gleam of hope. Unfortunately, after last year's event was unable to be implemented due to the energy crisis, this year’s anticipation is all the greater. I would like to thank all those involved in the project for their strong commitment and creativity in implementing this new event highlight.”

Katja Mailahn, Managing Director of mainzplus CITYMARKETING GmbH, is confident: “The topic of light is ever-present and usually creates a positive mood – now we would like to bring this radiance to the city of Mainz. This involves a deliberate staggering of the event area – both in terms of time and space, as the festival will take place on three evenings and six beautiful squares and facades. This gives visitors the opportunity to marvel at various objects and take advantage of offers on several days at different times. We are pleased about the good response to the participation of many companies in bringing in their own program elements. The collective city event, which was created in a productive triad between the city of Mainz, Mainz University of Applied Sciences and mainzplus CITYMARKETING, is intended to bring together the relevant axes of the city center and create an overall experience for visitors.”

Prof. Olaf Hirschberg, Dean of the School of Design at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, adds, “The livening up of the downtown area is a highly interesting issue for designers. We are proud to be able to make our creative contribution to the ‘Mile of Lights’ and thereby contribute to the attractiveness of the city’s center. In this and other projects, it is particularly important to us to work sustainably and, in this specific case, to work with energy-efficient projections and resource-conserving technology.”

The background of the festival

Mainz leuchtet – Das Late Light Festival is the new event highlight in Mainz. It was planned to be held for the first time on the weekend of September 30 to October 2, 2022. Due to the energy crisis, mainzplus CITYMARKETING, the state capital Mainz and Mainz University of Applied Sciences had postponed the previously planned event to 2023.