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Business visits the educational side

LBBW regional board member and IHK President visit the campus

As part of Prof. Dr. Markus Hehn’s Banking and Finance class, Peter Hähner, LBBW Regional Board Member and President of the Rhinehessen Chamber of Industry and Commerce, was a guest at the university on March 27. In his first lecture he introduced the LBBW and its extensive product range to the students; in another talk he focused on start-ups and entrepreneurship and highlighted the support offered by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce when founding a business. The two very practice-oriented lectures visibly impressed the students.

Mia Messemer, the advisor of the regional board of LBBW, showed the students the different opportunities for starting a career at LBBW in a presentation that aroused great interest among the students. The morning’s highlight, however, was the customer pitch to the customer Mainz University of Applied Sciences AG on the topic of syndicated loans and promissory note loans, which Peter Hähner and Michael Braunisch, Key Account Managers at LBBW, held together with the students. Here, the students experienced banking in action up close and were able to gain very decisive insights into the broad spectrum of activities. The students were particularly impressed by the consistent orientation of the product design to the needs of entrepreneurial customers.

The students, the President of the University Prof. Dr. Susanne Weissman, and Prof. Dr. Markus Hehn expressed their sincere thanks to the invited experts for their visit and the great presentations, as well as the customer pitch. The class is a great example of how companies, institutions, and the university work together to provide students with the best possible preparation for their professional careers.