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Pro­fes­sor Dr. Herbert Paul honored

Photo by Nathalie Zimmermann

Kurt-Dörr-Preis 2022 awarded for outstanding commitment

Prof. Dr. Herbert Paul received the 2022 Kurt Dörr Award at this year’s Academic Graduation Ceremony. Alumnity e.V., the sponsoring association of the School of Business, honored Dr. Herbert Paul's extraordinary personal commitment as Professor of Strategic Management with the award, which is endowed with 500 Euro. “Above all, the intensive professional and personal support of students characterize the work of Professor Dr. Paul in a very distinctive way,” emphasized Claudia Huberti, Chairwoman of Alumnity. In addition, the award winner has rendered outstanding services as the director and co-creator of the master’s degree program in Management, on-the-job, and has also advanced the networking of the university and companies within this setting.

University in Bloomington, USA. In 1985, he received his doctorate from Justus Liebig University in Giessen. Before Herbert Paul was appointed Professor at the School of Business in 1998, he worked for companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Roche, McKinsey & Company and the Egmont Group, and did so mainly abroad: in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland. Later, he took up teaching positions in Southeast Asia at Assumption University in Bangkok (Thailand) and in Yangon (Myanmar), and Petra Christian University in Surabaya (Indonesia). In Europe, he taught at the TIAS School for Business & Society at Tilburg University in Tilburg and in Utrecht (Netherlands), the School of Management at the University of Bradford (England), and in the Rochester-Bern Executive Programs at the University of Bern. During his time at the TIAS School for Business & Society, he was voted “Best Lecturer” seven times by students, affirming that Herbert Paul reaches out to students professionally, personally, and as a human being.
Congratulations, Dr. Herbert Paul!

The Kurt Dörr Prize has been awarded since 2004. Its namesake, Kurt Dörr, played a central role in the establishment of the former Fachhochschule Mainz. In 1964, he founded the Staatliche Höhere Wirtschaftsfachschule, the forerunner of the School of Business. Dörr played a key role in ensuring that, when the University of Applied Sciences was founded, the degree programs in business administration were given equal status with the engineering-oriented degree programs. The award was created in his honor. All the award winners have one thing in common: They have gone far beyond the necessary to promote the School of Business and have made a highly positive impact, in keeping with the spirit of the award’s namesake.