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This content is only partially available in English.

Start of the 2023 summer semester

First-semester students in the part-time master's degree in Management program (photo by Valeria Gamburg)

Management on-the-job M.Sc. with a new specialization

The 2023 summer semester began on February 1 for more than 1,000 dual and on-the-job students at the School of Business. For the first time, the master’s degree in Management (M.Sc.) program commences with a new focus on the in-depth incorporation of digital qualifications. In five semesters, students acquire knowledge on classic business administration topics and digital know-how. In courses like Data Literacy, Digital Transformation, and Digital Innovation, master’s candidates acquire skills in handling and analyzing complex data, explore digital business models, and reflect on opportunities for working innovatively. During a week-long orientation, the students were provided with first impressions of the organizational processes and lectures.

Another 65 first-semester students in the dual Bachelor BWL dual B.Sc. program also started their studies. From now on, they will always spend Thursday afternoons and Saturdays studying at the university. On the other days of the week, they will be working in their professions or completing their training. Like Lucy and Konrad, for example: The two of them are apprentices at Boehringer Ingelheim and are studying at the university at the same time. Lucy and Konrad are excited to meet new people and to get to know business administration as a subject with all its various aspects. In addition, first-semester students in the master’s degree program IT Management on-the-job M.Sc. also started their studies at the School of Business.