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Forschungskosmos supplement of DIE ZEIT

Johanna Hofmann convinced the panel of judges of the "Students in the box" competition with her design proposing an inner courtyard with a water-filled basin.

Climate research at Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Various projects of Mainz University of Applied Sciences on the subjects of sustainability, climate change, augmented reality, and cultural heritage are presented in the special supplement Forschungskosmos of DIE ZEIT and on

Forschung für das Klima: Innovative Räume, Bio-Materialien und neue Konzepte für Nachhaltigkeit  (Climate research: Innovative spaces, organic materials and new concepts for sustainability)

This is the title of an article published both online and in the print edition of the Forschungskosmos special on December 8, 2022, highlighting the following three projects at Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

The growing need for dedicated learning and work spaces was the subject of the student competition Students in the box. The assignment was to create an approximately 400-square-meter space for students to work in as part of an experimental, temporary construction project..

How the material bamboo can be used in the construction of bicycle frames is being investigated by the Institute of Innovative Structures of the School of Engineering in collaboration with Smart Gras Bicycles.

The Smart-TOM (Technical Object Management) project is exploring energy-saving potential for energy-efficient and sustainable construction.


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