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The cooperation agreement defines and regulates the cooperation

If an employee from your company would like to apply for the dual degree program, you must conclude a cooperation agreement with Mainz University of Applied Sciences. This contract must state that the applicant is or will be in a relevant employment relationship. It also regulates, among other things, the necessary leave of absence for studying granted by your company.

Some of our cooperation partners

Here you will find a list of partners and companies that generally support the dual study program. We are always pleased to welcome new cooperation partners.

4 Rivers GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Johann Belau

Aareon Deutschland GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Frau Bönisch und Herr Rinck
acoris AG in Karlsruhe/Darmstadt
Contact: Herr Scheidler
Actemium Deutschland in Frankfurt am Main
Contact: Frau Marx
anyware AG in Mainz
Contact: Herr Braun
AOE GmbH in Wiesbaden
Contact: Astrid Judkins
axenton GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Herr Tonner
Beinbrech GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Kreuznach
Contact: Frau Schleuning
BG ETEM Berufsgenossenschaft in Köln
Energie, Textil, Elektro, Medienerzeugnisse
Bistum Mainz in Mainz
Contact: Frank Flegel
Bongrain Deutschland GmbH in Wiesbaden
Contact: Kathi Heinrich
Bundesarchiv in Koblenz
Contact: Tobias Hermann
Cocomore AG in Frankfurt am Main
Contact: Veronika Heibing
Com training and services in Mainz
Contact: Andrea Schorch
CSC in Wiesbaden
Contact: Herr Trissler
DATAGROUP Consulting Services GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Christina Steyer
DB Cargo BTT GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Judith Alflen
Debeka-Hauptverwaltung in Koblenz
Contact: Peter Schmidt, Andreas Schunk
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin e.V. in Wiesbaden
Contact: Maximilian Broglie
Engel Dataconcept in Bischofsheim
Contact: Herr Back
ESWE Versorgungs AG
Contact: Elke Schottmüller
evoila GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Isabella Arndt
Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide
in Frankfurt
Contact: Sven Barufe

G@sser GmbH in Alzey
Contact: Max Gassser

Contact: Günther Göbs
G. Muth Partners GmbH in Wiesbaden
Contact: Andreas Hager
Gienanth GmbH in Eisenberg
Simone Strunz
HDP Gesellschaft für ganzheitliche
Datenverarbeitung mbH
in Alzey
Anprechpartnerin: Frau Denzer
Heraeus Holding GmbH in Hanau
Anprechpartnerin: Annette Rieble
Hessische Zentrale für Datenverarbeitung
Contact: Ulrike von Borries
Horst Klaes GmbH & Co. KG in Ahrweiler
Contact: Selina Jauch
HPM GmbH in Wiesbaden
Contact: Sabine Hartmann
iBS AG in Wiesbaden
Contact: Herr Zörb
IBS Scherer GmbH in Gau-Bickelheim
Contact: Herr Scherer
IKOR Management- und Systemberatung GmbH
Contact: Kirsten Weidemann
iMi gruppe in Eltville
Contact: Frau Gasch
innoventec GmbH
Contact: Patrick Baumann
interexa GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Andreas Weber
Intertronic Computer GmbH in Wörrstadt
Contact: Frau Stütz
ITecon GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Frau Danner
ITecon Financial IT-Service GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Frau Danner
IT-Profi.NET in Bad Kreuznach
Contact: Herr Bock
K&P Computer Service- und Vertriebs-GmbH in Wiesbaden
Contact: Anette Gänsler
KIT-Technologies in Königstein
Contact: Frau Krebs
Kommunalberatung Rheinland-Pfalz GmbH
Contact: Michel Lorio
Kreuznacher Diakonie in Bad Kreuznach
Landesbetrieb Daten und Information –LDI- in Mainz
Contact: Team Personal
Contact: Frau Gianotti
Logica Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG in Frankfurt
Contact: Herr Krönung
LOTTO Hessen in Wiesbaden
Contact: Tatjana Scherdel
Medialine EuroTrade AG
Contact: Frau Ina Zimmermann
Operational Services GmbH
Contact: Herr Christian Schankat
ORGA-SOFT Organisation und Software GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Frau Stork
Personalwerk in Wiesbaden
Contact: Herr Bernd Kraft
Plus.line AG
Contact: Herr Sepet
Polizeipräsidium Einsatz, Logistik und Technik
Reichold Feinkost GmbH in Taunusstein
Ansprechparterin: Kathrin Mateja
Rothenberger Werkzeuge GmbH in Kelkheim
Contact: Frau Chambers
R+V Versicherung AG in Wiesbaden
Contact: Frau Monika Knoch
SAC GmbH in Darmstadt
Contact: Frau Martinez
SANALOGIC Solutions GmbH in Nieder-Olm
Contact: Herr Drees
sapite GmbH in Klein-Winternheim
Contact: Steffani Görten
Schott AG in Mainz
Contact: Frau Schambier
servicenow in Frankfurt
Contact: Matthias Martini
SI Analytics GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Walter Detemple
Sinc GmbH in Wiesbaden
Contact: Till Elborg
Statistisches Landesamt in Bad Ems
Contact: Frau Leischner
Steuler Services GmbH & Co. KG in Höhr-Grenzhausen
Contact: Tanja Demko, Carolin Krämer
Studierendenwerk Darmstadt
Contact: Ben Kopfer
TARGO Commercial Finance AG in Mainz
ta.ts Travel Agency Technologies & Services GmbH
Contact: Elvira Dany
thinkarella ag in Mainz
Contact: Ralf Peters
TIM AG in Wiesbaden
Contact: Birgit Schulze
Transgourmet Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG in Riedstadt
Contact: Frederike Siepmann
UDG Rhein-Main GmbH in Mainz
Contact: Frau Gonter
URANO Informationssysteme GmbH
in Bad Kreuznach
Contact: Frau Hoffmann
Vereinigte Volksbank eG Limburg
Contact: André Held
vertical GmbH in Sulzbach
Contact: Seda Alp
Volksbank Kaiserslautern - Norwestpfalz eG
Contact: Tatjana Kuhn
VRM GmbH & Co. KG in Mainz
Contact: Frau Metz
wunderbit GmbH & Co. KG in Limburg
Contact: Christoph Nickel

Job vacancies

Does Mainz University of Applied Sciences help in the search for a vocational training position? No, unfortunately we are not able to offer this service. But you will find here current training positions offered by our cooperation companies or by companies that would like to cooperate with Mainz University of Applied Sciences in the future.

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