IT Management

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IT Management (on-the-job) M.Sc.

If you would like to deepen your knowledge in the areas of IT and business administration and if you have set ambitious goals for your professional future, this degree program is the right choice for you.

The master's program in IT Management is a continuation of the dual bachelor's program in Information Systems or similar degree programs in the fields of Business Administration or Computer Science with a focus on Information Systems. However, this degree program can also be interesting for graduates with a diploma who are aiming for an international career in the field of IT management

The master's program goes more in-depth into the topics in the field of information systems, imparts well-founded know-how in the field of IT management and promotes management skills in particular. In this way, you will be excellently prepared for demanding specialist and management tasks in private companies and in public enterprises and organizations.

The School of Business attaches great importance to a stable foundation in information systems and management. Students get to know all aspects of IT management from planning to implementation, control, management and application. As a result, we offer you moderate specialization.

With this foundation and specialization, you have the tools to react flexibly to career changes and seize opportunities for career advancement.

Wieso an der Hochschule Mainz IT Management studieren?

  1. Innovatives Studienkonzept
    Unser Master IT Management vermittelt Ihnen das notwendige Wissen für Ihre spätere Karriere.
  2. Wahl eines Studienschwerpunkts, der Ihren persönlichen und beruflichen Zielsetzungen entgegenkommt
    Ob managementorientiert oder technologisch, beide Studienschwerpunkte ermöglichen es Ihnen, Ihre persönlichen und beruflichen Zielsetzungen adäquat zu verfolgen.
  3. Theorie & Praxis –Dual Studieren bei uns!
    Sie erhalten Zugang zu innovativen Konzepten, die praktisch angewendet werden. Profitieren Sie vom aktiven Wissensaustausch mit anderen Studierenden.
  4. Dualfreundliche zeitliche Organisation
    Vorlesungen finden freitags und samstags statt. So haben Sie genügend Zeit für Ihre Aufgaben im Unternehmen.
  5. Über 40 Jahre Erfahrung …
    Die Hochschule Mainz ist  Vorreiter beim Teilzeitstudium. Seit über 40 Jahren  bieten wir Teilzeit- bzw. duale Studiengänge an und kennen die notwendigen Rahmenbedingungen.
  6. Kooperationsbeitrag
    Als staatliche Hochschule bieten wir eine hohe Qualität und sehr moderate Kooperationsbeiträge für die Unternehmen.

    At a glance

    Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
    Type of program: on-the-job
    Standard period of study: 4 semesters
    ECTS credits: 120
    Starting semester: summer semester
    Lecture periods: 1 February to 15 July, 1 September to 31 January
    Lecture days: Fridays 8:15 am –7:15 pm and some Saturdays 8:15 am –3:15 pm
    Languages: German and English

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    Application period

    Summer semester: till 15 December

    What's in store for you

    The modular degree program is divided into the following five areas:

    • Planning
    • Implementation
    • Controlling
    • Leadership
    • Application (research)

    You can also choose your own focus using an elective.

    Each module of the study blocks ends with an independent examination.

    Within the framework of a multi-semester research module, subject-specific questions are gone into in more depth. The master's thesis completes the degree.

    An international orientation is made possible by several English-language courses.

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    Interview: IT Management studieren an der Hochschule Mainz

    The aims of the degree program

    • Conveying an integrated management approach
    • Development of leadership skills
    • Development of specific expertise in the field of IT management
    • Creation of international decision-making skills

    The degree prepares you for the assumption of demanding specialist and managerial tasks in the field of IT management in private companies as well as in public enterprises and organizations in higher-level civil service. In addition, the master's degree program enables students to enter a doctoral program after successfully completing their studies.

    Who is this degree program interesting for?

    The IT Management master's program is designed for graduates of information systems or similarly structured degree programs in the field of business administration or informatics with a focus on information systems.

    Graduates of corresponding diploma programs can also strengthen their competence profile with this master's program.

    Program Structure

    During the master's program in IT Management, the contents of a bachelor's program in Information Systems will be gone into in more depth and supplemented.

    The degree program is accredited with a standard period of study of four semesters.

    If it is not possible to reduce working hours to 80 percent or if the workload caused by studies is very high, alternative program structures are available for five or six semesters.

    Overview of the program structure

    Lecture periods

    The courses take place on Fridays (all day) and selected Saturdays (5-7 per semester).

    Lectures are held in the summer semester from February 1 to July 15, and in the winter semester from September 1 to January 31; the usual lecture-free time does not apply to this degree model.

    A standard period of study of four semesters is only realistic if the employer has granted an exemption or if the working time is reduced to 80 percent, for example. In addition, the employer should also make it possible to combine professional activities with studies (for instance, by working on a business-relevant practical project).

    Your professional prospects

    The program is aimed primarily at future managers or experienced managers who would like to broaden their career prospects.

    The curriculum is designed to enable you to quickly familiarize yourself with complex, IT-specific problems and to develop suitable solutions within IT projects and team structures. The aim is to put you in a position to take on international management tasks.

    Companies can use this model for targeted personnel and executive development. Through the integration of work and study, scientific findings can be implemented quickly and efficiently to solve practical problems.

    Examples from the field

    What opportunities does the master's program in IT Management offer you in the labor market? Here we would like to introduce you to current students and former graduates as examples.

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    The lecture and examination schedules of the degree programs of the School of Business are completely available under HIP


    The most important questions and answers about the master's degree program in IT Management.

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    Special features of this degree program

    What distinguishes the master's degree program IT Management at our University.

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    List of the sections of the School of Business with further information.

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    AStA, StuPa

    The most important student representatives of the University

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    General Information (only available in German)

    General examination regulations
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    Cooperation contract
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    Who to contact

    Prof. Dr. Anett Mehler-Bicher
    Degree program director
    Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ostheimer
    Degree program director
    Prof. Dr. Gunther Piller
    Examination Board
    T +49 6131 628-3244
    gunther.piller (at)
    Julia Schneider
    Degree program coordinator
    T +49 6131 628-7224
    julia.schneider (at)