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Career Center

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We offer our students individual advice and information on all aspects of the application process. This concerns both general information and specific application intentions. The range includes

  • Job advertisement analysis
  • Requirement/capability comparison
  • Curriculum vitae design
  • Cover letter wording
  • Coaching for selection procedures (interview, AC, test procedures, etc.)
  • Integration support for a new job

You can make use of the advice selectively (for example, as an application folder check). However, we recommend that the Career Center provide accompanying support - either as part of an application campaign or during the course of your studies.

Our service is confidential and free of charge. It is primarily aimed at students of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, but students of Johannes Gutenberg University are also welcome.


You can arrange a consultation at any time. We endeavour to answer enquiries on a daily basis. You will usually receive an appointment for an interview within one week.

The consultations are offered at two locations:

  • Holzstraße (H 3.08)
  • Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße (A 0.19)

Before each interview, please send us your application documents as well as any cover letters and the corresponding job advertisements by email.

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