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This content is only partially available in English.

Digital Student ID

New app enters testing phase

Students at Mainz University of Applied Sciences will be able to use the new Mainz Campus2Go app starting in the 2023 summer semester. Digital student ID, semester ticket, library card and European Student Identifier - all these functions will make everyday student life easier in digital form. Links to OpenOLAT, HIP, CIM and the dining menu can also be found using the app.

Comments, suggestions and requests

As a new digital service, the Mainz Campus2Go app is still in the testing phase in the 2023 summer semester. Students who want to try this service right away can also help improve functions that may not be operating smoothly yet. Suggestions and requests can also be communicated to the helpdesk. The app is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Using their IT account, students of Mainz University of Applied Sciences have direct access to the functions that have already been activated.

Activate your digital semester ticket

Because of the testing phase, the digital semester ticket is presently not activated. If you would like to use the digital semester ticket now, you can contact the Office of Student Affairs. They will activate the digital semester ticket for you. This requires that you return your paper semester ticket. The public transportation company requires that you do this. The digital library card is scheduled to be activated in the course of the 2023 summer semester.
For the 2023 summer semester, student ID cards will once again be sent out by mail as a 'Leporello'.