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More women academics

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Expanding structures for female professors

Mainz University of Applied Sciences promotes equal opportunities for women in academia by expanding support structures.“On this journey toward gender parity, we are pleased to see more women interested in becoming professors at our university,” said University President Professor Dr. Susanne Weissman. She hopes to encourage women to shape research and academia while attracting female students to pursue academic career paths. “Our five-member Executive Board is currently made up of three women and two men,” emphasized Professor Dr. Weissman, stressing her intention to empower women as role models at the university, including in leadership positions..
As a result of the successful participation in the Professorinnenprogramm III (Women Professors Program III) of the federal and state governments, three women professors appointed for the first time at Mainz University of Applied Sciences are currently receiving start-up funding for a period of five years each. “This provides the women professors with additional funds for personnel and material expenses. At the same time, participation in the Women Professors Program gives the university the opportunity to finance additional measures that promote equality, such as mentoring programs and advisory services to support young women academics,” explained Central Equal Opportunity Officer, Professor Dr. Katharina Dahm.
Starting in 2023, the Women Professors Program III will be followed by the Professorinnenprogramm 2030 (Women Professors Program 2030). The Joint Science Conference (GWK) adopted the federal-state agreement on this in early November 2022. This will further strengthen the cultural change toward greater gender equality at universities of applied sciences. The aim of the funding program is to dynamically increase the number of women academics in top positions in the academic and research sector in the direction of parity and to anchor gender equality even more firmly in the structure of universities. “It is a foregone conclusion that Mainz University of Applied Sciences will also apply to participate in this next program phase,” announced University President Professor Dr. Weissman.
“To promote equal opportunities in science, a fundamental cultural change is necessary. Mainz University of Applied Sciences is ready to expand supporting structures, decisively advancing this cultural change. But change means commitment, change needs actors – the doors of Mainz University of Applied Sciences are open to women who want to strengthen academia and research,” said the University President.
The 26th Update to the Data (2020/2021) on Equal Opportunities recently published by the GWK shows that the percentage of women scientists at universities and non-university research institutions has increased continuously over the years at all qualification and career levels, but at the same time the proportion of women declines with each step on the career ladder after completion of studies. According to the GWK report, the proportion of women holding doctorates is 45.1 percent, but for professorships the proportion remains at 26.3 percent.
At Mainz University of Applied Sciences, the percentage of women in appointments increased from 19.7 percent in 2013 to 26.1 percent in 2018 to 29.7 percent in 2022. This puts Mainz University of Applied Sciences slightly above the national figures, but still remains committed to significantly more gender parity in academia and science management.

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