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Possible career paths

Procurement, production, logistics

Structuring value chains efficiently


In this area, production processes are planned, organized, and monitored, SCOR models are prepared and evaluated, and make-or-buy decisions are made. A look at inventories allows conclusions to be drawn about tied-up capital, as well as about potential response and delivery times. The flow of goods and information is being increasingly handled by IT solutions, which is why this area of the company is ideal for business graduates with an affinity for IT. Potential employers can include manufacturing companies, as well as shipping companies, logistics, and retail groups.

Marketing and sales

Focusing on the customer


Marketing and sales are popular career fields for business graduates. This may have something to do with the enormous range of tasks. Whether it is as a product manager in the automotive industry, a company spokesperson for an electricity company, a social media manager for a city government, or a copywriter in an advertising agency – all of these positions are conceivable for business graduates. The focus is always on the customers. Trends and market demands have to be analyzed and implemented. Among other things, business experts use market research to do this. Marketing concepts are developed, the classic marketing mix is established and communicated with the involvement of social networks. Sales employees apply the specifications of marketing and are responsible for sales.

Human resources and organization

The DNA of a company


A well-structured corporate organization and human resources management geared to the needs of both the staff and the company are essential to a company's success. Structural and process organization link the two areas. Staff planning, recruitment, management, staff deployment and human resources controlling are all carried out in line with them. Corporations and partnerships are just as dependent on regulated processes and well-trained personnel as non-profit associations or religious institutions. That is why there are numerous job opportunities for business graduates in these areas as well. Empathy and the ability to work in a team, as well as structured analytical thinking, are required here.

Finance and Accounting

Keeping all the numbers on track


In finance and accounting, necessary capital is procured, investment volumes are determined, risks are assessed, and individual revenue streams are allocated to their respective positions in accordance with legal requirements. The tasks of business graduates in external accounting include balance sheet policy and company valuation. Standard, partial and process cost accounting, target costing and cost management, on the other hand, are the responsibility of internal accounting, which is monitored by the Controlling department using key performance indicator systems. Through finance, tax consulting and auditing, some business graduates find their way to self-employment, or to large and medium-sized management consultancies or auditing firms.