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Documents to be submitted

  • Bachelor’s degree or Diplom that shows successful completion of a degree program in business administration or management, or a degree program with comparable content.
  • If applying with a degree already completed, the Diploma Supplement must be included.
  • Transcript of records (if not included in the Diploma Supplement).
  • The degree must include at least 180 ECTS credits and ECTS grade C. If no ECTS grade is shown, your grade point average in the German grading system must not be worse than 2.5.
  • Please select your priorities 1 (most prioritized) to 3 (third prioritized) from our partner universities in the application portal. If you are an applicant with a non-European bachelor’s degree (through Uni-Assist) indicate your priorities using this form and add it to your application.
  • Compose a letter of motivation in English describing your first, second, and third partner university priorities. This demonstrates your willingness to spend part of your studies abroad. Please indicate your priorities 1-3 in the portal.
  • The language requirements (English, German and one other language) must be clearly evidenced as mentioned above.


1. English

  • TOEFL: ibT at least 92 points
  • IELTS at least 6.5 points
  • TOEIC at least 800 points
  • Language certificates proving level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference
  • Proof that at least 30 ECTS credits have been earned in subject-specific classes taught and examined in English (no language-only classes) in a European bachelor’s degree program.

2. German (at least A2 level)

  • Language certificates proving level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference. You are welcome to use our university’s Deutsch A2 blank form for this purpose.
  • For native speakers, a copy of your German higher education entrance qualification is sufficient.

3. Proof of a third language on level B1

  • If this language is your native language (not English or German), and your university entrance qualification or bachelor’s degree was taught in this language, you do not need to provide any additional proof.
  • Otherwise, submit a certificate from a recognized language or educational institution clearly verifying the B1 level for this language. You are welcome to use our university’s B1 level blank form for this purpose.


  • Chronological, signed curriculum vitae with no missing periods of time
  • Copy of the deposit slip for the fee paid to uni-assist
  • Residence permit (for applicants from non-EU member states)
  • Copy of identity card
  • Declaration of previous study periods at home and abroad (see under download)
  • Proof of German language skills
  • Certificate of exmatriculation for all degree programs in which you were previously enrolled. If you are still enrolled by the closing date for applications, you can submit them upon enrollment, but no later than 15 October for the winter semester and 30 March for the winter semester


Applicants with previous periods of study in Germany or abroad must submit the following documents in addition to the required documents in due time when applying to our university. This applies to all previous master's degree programs in which you were or are enrolled after completing your first undergraduate degree.

  • Clearance certificate (in German)
  • Clearance certificate for all studies at foreign universities after completing your first undergraduate degree (in English)
  • Proof of achievement / grade point average with indication of the ECTS credits, grade, number of attempts including the failed achievements with indication of the provisional grade point average of your achievements to date.
  • Summary of the contents of the individual modules including the ECTS credits (in German)
  • Curriculum plan (in German)

If you are still enrolled at another university at the time of application and are able to complete achievements there, you must provide a current clearance certificate and current proof of achievements / grade point average including the failed achievements after the grading of the last examination achievement by the previous university again without being asked. This must be done by October 15 for the winter semester and by the end of the first week of April for the summer semester at the Office of Student Affairs of Mainz University of Applied Sciences.


Additionally required documents

  • Diploma and diploma certificate or master's certificate and master's degree with grade point average (decimal point)
    If the documents are not yet available and the grade of the final examination of the first degree program has not been verified, the result of the final examination is evaluated with "1 point" when determining the measurement number for the selection for a second degree program.
  • Reasons for enrolling in a second degree program


  • Written application for admission due to extraordinary hardship

The reasons for the application must be justified in writing and supported by relevant documents.


  • Written application to improve the average grade and/or waiting time

The reasons for the application must be justified in writing and supported by relevant documents.


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