In­ter­na­tio­nal Business M.A.

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In­ter­na­tio­nal Business M.A.

Study International Business in English and Full-Time

Have you always wanted to study in a truly international environment and work with people from different countries and continents with different cultures? Are you ready for new challenges, and would you like to go abroad for one or two semesters after studying two semesters in Mainz? Maybe you would even like to have the opportunity to earn an additional foreign degree (double degree)? The English-language Master of Arts International Business (MA.IB) program offers you exactly that.

With your master’s studies in International Business at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, you will comprehensively expand your expertise in business administration and international management. Combined with the foreign language and intercultural skills that are taught, you will be ideally prepared for an international career.

Your qualifications: You have successfully completed your bachelor’s degree in the field of business administration, and you also speak English very well. You are proficient in German at a minimum of the A2 level and can provide verification of another foreign language at the B1 level.

At a glance

Degree: Master of Arts
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
ECTS credits: 120
Starting semester: winter semester
Language: taught completely in English
Semester fee: €350 (incl. semester ticket)

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Application period

Winter semester: by June 15, 2024

In­ter­na­tio­nal Business studies – curriculum in Mainz and around the world

Intercultural know-how is a prerequisite for working in the global workplace. You will already acquire this knowledge during your International Business studies at Mainz University of Applied Sciences as you learn together and work in groups with fellow students from all over the world. The program's students come from different continents and are additionally joined by exchange students from our partner universities, for example from Ethiopia, Albania, China, France, India, Italy, Colombia, Korea, Mexico, Thailand, the Czech Republic, or Vietnam. You will complete roughly half of your International Business studies at Mainz University of Applied Sciences together with the master’s students of the German-Argentinean master’s degree program Maestría Argentino-Alemana M.A.

You will benefit from our professors’ many years of practical and international experience working for international companies. Guest lecturers from all over the world contribute business and international expertise to your day-to-day studies. From start to finish, your Master in International Business in Mainz will be an international experience.

You will spend the first two semesters of the Master in International Business (MA.IB) program at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Classes are taught in English and build on the knowledge gained in your bachelor's degree. They focus on the international aspect of the global workplace: on International Business. The degree program begins each winter semester.

The modules of the first semester at a glance:

Leadership and Human Resource Management
In this course you will learn about the structural organization of a company and the various processes involved in organizational and human resource management. You will gain insight into the functions of human resource management, such as recruiting.

Quantitative Analytical Methods
You will learn statistical methods and their application with data and software (such as STATA). This will enable you to make data-based decisions in business and to undertake your own empirical research (in your master’s thesis, for example).

Business Research
You will learn various scientific methods you will need for the quantitative or qualitative empirical research for your master’s thesis. In addition, you will become proficient in academic work and writing in English on the master’s degree level. In preparation for your master’s thesis, you will write a Research Proposal.

Financial Reporting
Planning, management, and controlling of all operational processes are paramount in accounting. In this module, you will learn about the methods and tools used for this purpose and apply them to specific case studies.

International Business Environment
In this module of your studies in International Business, you will learn about leading theories of international trade, gain insights into the legal aspects of the world trade system, and examine the latest developments in the political environment of international business.

Digital Transformation
You will learn all about the current information systems-based economic models in the digital economy. In case studies and group work in international teams, you will learn more about topics like Big Data and Business Analysis.


The modules of the second semester at a glance:

Strategic Management
You will explore the question of how companies can ideally align themselves strategically for generating profits and remaining competitive, and you will learn methods used to develop a company’s strategic goals and then implement them operationally.

International Corporate Finance
The Master in International Business (MA.IB) gives you insight into corporate finance and investment activities. You will deepen the knowledge you have acquired with exercises, case studies, and analytical tools.

International Marketing
Here you will learn about innovative and digital marketing tools, how brands are developed and promoted, and how companies can analyze the behavior of their customers, using international examples and group work.

International Business Law
In the globalized world, international law plays an important role in contractual processes in multinational companies and organizations, for example. This module of the Master in International Business teaches the legal knowledge necessary for future managers.

Export Management
You will learn more about the most important areas of a company’s foreign trade. You will, for example, deal with export, import, and transit transactions; foreign trade restrictions and customs regulations; and the different currency issues.


If you have always wanted to study abroad, the Master in International Business (MA.IB) at Mainz University of Applied Sciences is the right choice for you, because the third semester is spent abroad. For example, you can go to one of our many partner universities or you can organize everything yourself. Alternatively, you can take advantage of one of our numerous double degree programs. In this case, after successfully completing your International Business studies, you will not only possess a German Master's degree from Mainz University of Applied Sciences, you will also have a degree from the respective partner university!

If you decide to study abroad at one of our partner universities, you will surely be faced with the challenge of choosing the one that suits you best from our wide range of options. With Erasmus+, you can study at any partner university within the EU free of charge. You will also pay no tuition fees during your semester abroad at many non-European partner universities (although most English-speaking countries are an exception to this rule). You can also organize the semester abroad of your Master in International Business yourself – without our assistance – at any other accredited university.

This gives you maximum flexibility to find the right specialization for your career, because the specialization will take place during your semester abroad. A functional specialization in business administration is possible, for example, by choosing options in marketing, human resources or finance. At the same time, you can specialize regionally, for example, by spending a semester abroad in Asia, Latin America, or North America. You choose the option modules abroad according to your own interests.

Want to learn more about how you can study abroad in the Master in International Business (MA.IB) degree program? Then just attend our next Live Video Chat!


The master’s thesis in the International Business program is written in English during the fourth semester. There is no defense or oral examination. Only in double degree programs, depending on the partner university, there may be an arrangement to write your master’s thesis in the national language (such as Spanish or French) or to defend it in front of a panel of judges.


The mandatory internship of at least two months enables you to bring together practical experience and theoretical knowledge acquired during your studies. It is incorporated into the Applied Project module, in which you report to students and lecturers on your practical experience.

The internship is usually completed during the first two semesters at an English-speaking company in Germany or worldwide at an internationally operating company. The internship can be

  • in any country,
  • in any language and
  • at any other time during your master studies, such as abroad during your 2nd year of studies or in combination with your master’s thesis.

You also have the possibility of including a voluntary additional semester for the mandatory internship.

Our in-house Career Center will be happy to advise you in your search for an internship. Additional practical presentations and our annual Company Fair give you the opportunity to get in touch directly with potential employers.


Curriculum in detail

MA.IB alumna Selina from Germany
“In particular, the combination of theory in the lectures and practice in the Applied Project, in my case a working student position, helped me to understand the background of the economic activities of a company, to think strategically and to apply theoretical and abstract theories directly to real business cases.”


Your stay abroad in the MA.IB with or without a double degree

Studying abroad is an essential part of the Master in International Business. Our large network of various partner universities is available to you here. At around 10 of our partner universities, you even have the opportunity to earn a master’s degree there as well, thus completing a double degree. This option is available, for example, at:

  • the Universidad del Rosario in Colombia,
  • Prague University of Economics and Business,
  • the ESCE in Paris,
  • the Università degli Studi di Brescia in Italy,
  • Karlstad University in Sweden
  • and many additional institutions.

In a double degree program, the entire second year of your Master in International Business is completed at your partner university. Double degrees are highly regarded by employers, as they demonstrate exceptional performance and in-depth international experience. However, you should keep in mind that the requirements and workload are usually higher than for a normal semester as an exchange student.


Your international network starts with the MA.IB degree program in Germany

In your first year of study in the Master in International Business at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, you will experience an international atmosphere first-hand with your fellow students from all over the world. Starting during your studies and the internship period, you will have the opportunity to live and work in different cities and countries. As a result, you will increase your foreign language proficiency and familiarize yourself with different ways of working and various cultures. You will also make friends with people from around the world, building an international network that will forever influence your career and personal life.

The Master of Arts in International Business (MA.IB) degree program allows you to study entirely in English. During your time studying abroad, you can additionally expand your knowledge of new languages and different cultures.

Due to the numerous double degree options, the master’s program in International Business also offers you the unique opportunity to possess both a German master’s degree and a foreign degree after completing your studies, ensuring you are ideally prepared for a job with international responsibilities.

Advantages of Mainz University of Applied Sciences

  • Individual support in small student groups
  • Open workstations with free wifi for studying and working
  • Library with OpenPlus
  • Modern Mensa and cafeteria  
  • Own tram stop right in front of the campus that runs directly to downtown Mainz
  • Travel the Rhine-Main region for free with our semester ticket
  • Central location in the Rhine-Main region and in close proximity to leading companies

Jur – Double Degree alumnus from EPOKA university, Albania
“Coming from a small developing country such as Albania where job opportunities are limited to a small number of industries, I am fully aware of the significant role the Master of Arts in International Business (MA.IB) program played in my professional career.”


In­ter­na­tio­nal Business studies with flair in Mainz

Approximately 5,700 students are enrolled at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. The School of Business currently has around 3,100 students. Our modern campus, located right next to the stadium of the Bundesliga soccer club Mainz 05, is ideally situated for public transportation by bus and train to the student dormitories and downtown Mainz.

Mainz, the city of Gutenberg, has a lot to offer with its historic old town, its beautiful location on the Rhine, and globally well-known companies such as Biontech and Schott. Mainz is a typical student city where festivities abound. Located in the heart of the Rhine-Main region, the distances here are short, whether it’s to Wiesbaden, downtown Frankfurt or the airport. Use the semester ticket to explore the region during your International Business studies. The General Student Council (AStA) also organizes events and parties for students in Mainz.

The old town has its own flair with its narrow alleyways and stores. The downtown district also invites visitors to sit and relax in its charming squares. One of the most beautiful places in Mainz is the banks of the Rhine, where many students spend their free time, especially when the sun is shining. Whether it’s enjoying a beer garden in the summer or carnival (Fastnacht) Mainz-style with the Rosenmontagumzug (Rose Monday parade) – there are a lot of special things for young people to experience here.

Complete your Master in International Business at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and experience the distinctive flair of Rhineland-Palatinate’s capital city on the Rhine!

MA.IB alumna Anara from Kyrgyzstan
“The city of Mainz is fantastic to live in, especially for students, and the university amenities are excellent.”


Find out more about life in Mainz

Your career prospects with the Master in In­ter­na­tio­nal Business

After completing your International Business studies at Mainz University of Applied Sciences in Germany and your stay abroad, you can hit the ground running on a global level with your internationally sought-after business expertise. With your excellent command of the English language, as well as another language, your fluency in German, and your well-rounded expertise in International Business, the global job market will be open to you. With a double degree, you can even increase your chances of an exciting international career.

With a wide range of specialization options, graduates of the Master in International Business program are employed in fields such as finance, marketing, HR, business organization, export/import, public relations, and international project management. The wide range of career fields shows how sought-after the alumni of the Master in International Business program are.

Employers include major German corporations like BASF, Boehringer Ingelheim, BMW Group, Deutsche Bahn, Emma Sleep, Henkel, Henkell Freixenet, Merck, Porsche Consulting, SAP, and Zalando. Many MA.IB graduates also work around the world in international companies and organizations based in Paris, Prague, Zurich, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, and Bangkok, for example. Others decided to venture out on their own, founding start-ups in Berlin ( or Cologne (

Start your Master in International Business at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and become an internationally sought-after expert. Apply now and take your future into your own hands!

MA.IB alumni Stella from Germany and Alvaro from Mexico
“The MA.IB program with Alvaro’s master thesis was the base for the practical implementation of the social start up Kezals importing handmade textiles from indigenous Mexicans to Europe, selling products online and through B2B partnerships. The theoretical knowledge of the program still helps us to implement strategic decisions or import processes, for example.”


What our students are saying


 Applicants with a European university degree submit their application documents using the  application portal of Mainz University of Applied Sciences. If you have obtained your university degree outside of Europe, please apply through uni-assist. You can find the application deadline in the Infobox for the application period. You can find more details on the application process here.


If your bachelor’s degree is from a country that is not on the list of exempted countries (EU countries, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.) you will still need to provide one of the three required English tests (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS).


If this third language is your native language and your classes (high school degree or bachelor’s degree) were in this language, you do not need to submit an additional certificate. For example, if you obtained your high school diploma and/or bachelor's degree in France in French, you do not need to submit an additional certificate for French as your third language.


It takes several weeks to process the applications. The first admission letters are usually sent about 4 weeks after the application deadline. Please check your status in the application portal regularly. Only applicants who meet all requirements (Bachelor in Business Administration with a minimum grade of 2.5; language certificates for English, German, and another language on B1/A2 level) can be admitted.


You will already make a pre-selection of partner universities (priorities 1-3) for studying abroad when you apply to the Master in International Business. After you have been admitted, you have until the beginning of December to adjust your priorities for the semester abroad. Additional information events and the Wege ins Ausland (Ways to Go Abroad) fair will help you make your final choice. At that point, you can also decide whether you want to do a double degree program at the partner university or spend only one semester there. We will inform you about the final allocation of spots in January of the following year.


The MA.IB program is a full-time program, but you have the option of combining your studies with a working student job (without a guaranteed class schedule). If this is the case, it may make sense to plan your studies for more than the four-semester standard period of study from the start.


The program always begins in the winter semester. Classes usually start (depending on the calendar) in late September or early October. Before the first semester, there is an introductory week, which must be attended to ensure a smooth start to your studies. You will spend the third semester of the Master in International Business abroad (either at a partner university or at another foreign university of your choice). In the case of a double degree program, you will spend two semesters abroad. Typically, you will then also write your master’s thesis there.


In the course of your International Business studies, you will complete a practical work placement period of at least 270 hours integrated into your studies. You can flexibly arrange the time yourself. Most of your fellow students choose an eight-week full-time internship. The practical experience can be done anywhere in the world and also at a time of your choice. We also recognize a working student job during your first year of study in Mainz as an internship. You may also complete the practical phase parallel to your master’s thesis in the fourth semester.


In the Applied Project module, you will write an approx. 15-page report on your internship activities and deliver this report in the form of a presentation. You will also submit a confirmation from your employer, including a job description, to your instructor.


You will write your master’s thesis in English in the fourth semester in Mainz. Should you opt for a double degree program within the International Business program, then you will typically write your master’s thesis abroad. The standard period of study may differ in this case.


The exam period regularly takes place in the two weeks directly following classes. In the winter semester these are the last two weeks of January, in the summer semester in the last week of June and the first week of July. In some modules, the assessments are not conducted in the form of a written exam, but instead during the semester, for instance in the form of a project assignment.


If you fail an exam, you repeat it in the directly following semester. Repeat exams are offered in the exam period of the following semester without the need to take the same class again.


If you have planned your semester abroad at a partner university of Mainz University of Applied Sciences with whom there is an Erasmus agreement, you will not pay any tuition fees. In addition, you will automatically receive a monthly Erasmus grant. This monthly grant does not cover all of your monthly living expenses abroad. The exact amount is usually determined at short notice.

Outside of the Erasmus network, there are also many partner universities with whom we have agreements that you will not have to pay tuition fees. The exceptions to this are most English-speaking countries, such as the USA, UK, Ireland, and Australia; studying in these countries is subject to payment of tuition fees.

If you wish to study at a non-Erasmus partner university, you can apply for a merit-based scholarship (PROMOS, Rheinland-Pfalz-Stipendium). You will be informed about the details in due time.


If you are not in the area served by the semester ticket (Rhine-Main area) in your third (and possibly 4th) degree program semester (in the semester abroad of your International Business studies, for example), you will have to pay the full semester fee at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, but you can apply for a refund of the semester ticket. The price of the semester ticket accounts for the largest part of the semester fee.


The general university athletics (AHS) for our students are organized by JGU Mainz. The range of activities is varied – from A for aerobics or American football to archery, capoeira, jiu-jitsu, sailing, underwater rugby and Y for yoga. The athletic program includes health and general sports activities along with competitive sports. All you need to participate is your student ID. You can find both the complete list of activities and the registration procedures in the program booklet (only available in German).


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Who to contact

Prof. Dr. Daniel Porath
Degree program director
+49 6131 628-3245
ma.ib (at)
Judith Busch
Degree program manager
T +49 6131 628-3414
ma.ib (at)