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Oxford Online Placement Test [OOPT]

Students in the School of Business: Please note that the OOPT can be taken no more than three times. If you do not achieve the required number of points on the third attempt, you will not be de-registered from the university. You then have the option of obtaining proof of your English language skills by taking the TOEIC.

OOPT level

A1 = 0-19
A2 = 20-39
B1 = 40-59
B2 = 60-79
C1 = 80-99
C2 = 100-119

The English language proficiency for the bachelor's degree programs in the School of Business is proven with a minimum of 50 points (language level B1) in the OOPT.

Spots can only be allocated according to availability. The registration is considered binding after you recieved a confirmation by our staff. Please see to our website for more information or possible changes of dates.

The OOPT is a tool to assess your overall proficiency in English. Improving your English skills requires you to expand your knowledge of the vocabulary, grammar and structure of the English language and, more importantly, to practice both active and passive usage. This does not necessarily involve a preparatory or language course. There are several things you can do yourself every day that are useful in preparing for language tests. Here are some strategies that have proven successful in preparing for language tests:

  • Listening to English music - music helps you to acquire the rhythm and intonation patterns of spoken English.
  • Listening to radio/podcasts and watching videos - an easy way to absorb the language.
  • Using the language - half an hour every day, during which you communicate only in English: from person to person and in emails, for example.
  • Reading - reading is the best way to expand your vocabulary: for example newspapers, magazines, websites, books (light fiction, non-fiction) - it should be interesting and not too difficult.
  • Writing - for example, keeping a journal in English, using new words and expressions and practicing them. This helps to internalize sentence structures and new words.
  • Taking an English class - a placement test (for instance on OLAT for bachelor's degree students; OOPT; various online placement tests) before choosing a class gives you a rough idea of your level. Always choose English classes according to your level with the aim of progressing one level. After completing a class, we recommend you take another placement test or an OTE/TOEIC - this will allow you to see exactly what you have achieved and demonstrate your progress.
  • Spend time abroad - a summer school, study abroad or take a semester abroad, an intensive language course abroad or simply just a vacation - direct live contact with the language and culture helps you to expand and deepen your knowledge effectively and sustainably.
  •   Assess your own level and take practice tests with (sample) tests from other providers*, for example:

(*Mainz University of Applied Sciences assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these hyperlinks, the tests found there and the accuracy of possible test results)


First attempt (for students in the School of Business at Mainz University of Applied Science)  €0

Second of third attempt (for students in the School of Business at Mainz University of Applied Science) 


Students of the School of Engineering and School of Design €25

External participants


Withdrawal or changes to registration after the deadline




Failure to attend the test you registered for




A certificate of your OOPT result is not necessary for the Bachelor's language certificate at the Department of Economics.
Your result will be automatically forwarded to the examination office and posted in the system.

To obtain your test result for your documents, applications, stays abroad, if necessary as proof of language courses in other institutions, etc. , you can apply for a fee-based official certificate of your result at any time within 2 years of the trial date.

Please make sure that the certificate is suitable for your purposes or that an OOPT filed under supervision is recognized by the intended addressee!

Please note that from October 2020 we will only issue certificates for test results whose test date was not more than 2 years ago!
Most institutions do not recognise older language certificates anyway, as foreign language skills can change dramatically over the course of a few years, depending on language use.

For a reliable, meaningful certificate of your language competence, we recommend taking a language test again if you need proof of foreign language proficiency more than 2 years after your last test.
(In exceptional cases, we can certify a test result if the test date is between 2 and 3 years ago and you for e.g. require proof before the next trial date offered; In this case, please contact us specifically and sufficiently in advance!).


Please apply for your OOPT certificate via this form.

The issuance of a certificate is subject to a charge: 25€ (payable in cash upon collection).



10:00 am – 1:00 pm
You will be informed of your exact examination period with the confirmation of registration.

Hochschule Mainz, Standort Campus, Lucy-Hillebrand-Str. 2, 55128 Mainz
Room B1.04

Monday, 03.04.2023
Registration Deadline: 19.03.2023

Monday, 17.04.2023
Registration Deadline: 02.04.2023

Monday, 08.05.2023
Registration Deadline: 23.04.2023

Monday, 22.05.2023
Registration Deadline: 07.05.2023

Monday, 05.06.2023
Registration Deadline: 21.05.2023

Monday, 19.06.2023
Registration Deadline: 04.06.2023

Please note that no additional dates are scheduled.

Registering online for the OOPT

You can register for the OOPT here.

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