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Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenida! Hoşgeldiniz! Karibu! Benarrivata! добро́ пожа́ловать! 欢迎! أهلا بك

Welcome to the Department of Languages!

We are part of the School of Business at Mainz University of Applied Sciences.
Our language program is open to all students and employees of the School of Business. We also offer courses for external students and support you in acquiring language and intercultural skills.

The Department of Languages is the point of contact for students of the School of Business with regard to language skills and language certificates:
We offer a wide range of language lectures every semester; our existing course offerings are expanded through cooperations with other universities in Mainz.
In addition, students and external students can take part in a variety of language exams, special courses and exam preparation courses, as well as summer schools in the UK and the USA.

The School of Business at Mainz University of Applied Sciences runs several COIL projects per semester in various degree courses, including Business Administration, Applied Computer Science, Business Informatics and Business Law. These projects are embedded in the courses and the students work together over a period of four to eight weeks. The Department of Languages is part of the COIL'DE Network and organizes various events on the topic of COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning).

Take a look at our extensive range of courses for yourself!

Questions about language requirements?

If you are studying at the School of Business and have questions about the mandatory proof of English proficiency for your bachelor’s or master’s degree, please contact us.

You can find information and who to contact here!

Department members

Department Spokesperson
Prof. Dr. Stephanie Swartz

Dr. Elke Lassahn (Deputy Spokesperson)
Analía García
Tilman Kromer
Dr. Teresa Ritterhoff
Dagmar Schlemmer-Bockius
Florence Sorrentino
Liam Thompson

Department Assistant
Tamara Koße

Coordination of language courses
Flora Bastian-Resch


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