Bachelor of Laws in Business Law

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Bachelor of Laws in Business Law

Are you looking for a demanding law degree with a focus on business law?

At the same time, your studies should provide you with a very solid business and economic foundation and enable you to work in internationally operating companies and organisations?

Then our Bachelor of Laws in Business Law is the right choice!

As Germany's first university of applied sciences, we initiated the business law degree program in 1993, giving us the longest experience in training commercial lawyers in the country.
With our business law degree program, we offer you a degree program with a pronounced labor market orientation, which will enable you to quickly enter the practice equipped with the best professional knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you!

Application period

For the winter semester: please see attached pdf
For the summer semester: please see attached pdf

At a glance

Degree : Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
Standard period of study:
7 semesters
ECTS credits:
Starting semester:
winter and summer semester
Languages: German and English

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What's in store for you

On a modern campus in an attractive student city, you will receive optimal training in seven semesters. We attach particular importance to the methods of legal studies. Our curriculum of lectures and exercises, block seminars, tutorials and examinations will give you the necessary legal structure thinking from the very beginning. A well-equipped library and access to the leading legal and economic databases ensure an optimal working environment.

With your studies, you will concentrate on the areas of business law and economics and business administration that are relevant and thus important for business lawyers. As part of your studies, you will acquire broad, in-depth and practical knowledge of business law and economics. In addition to this well-founded training, you will also have the opportunity to develop a special profile with competences that are sought-after in the employment market by choosing the core areas of employment law and HR management, compliance and white collar criminal law or tax law and accounting.

The strong internationality of this degree program enables you to work in internationally operating companies and organizations. In addition to English, we offer a variety of other language courses. Some of the lectures in law and economics are held in English. In the fifth semester, you will complete your stay abroad (internship or study abroad), equipped with excellent linguistic and technical skills. In the 6th semester you can also study at a foreign university of your choice or at one of our 90 international partner universities. During the semester break, you will also have the opportunity to attend summer schools at partner universities.

In contrast to those who are full lawyers or "only" lawyers, you do not burden yourself with knowledge of administrative, criminal and civil law irrelevant for corporate lawyers, but acquire much broader, more profound and practical knowledge of business law and economics at the same time.

In order to enable you to study practically, at least nine excursions to leading companies in Germany and abroad are offered every semester. In addition, a large number of top-class guest lectures and other diverse internal events and competitions with leading entrepreneurs take place at the university. Our professors and lecturers also contribute their excellent, practice-oriented knowledge to the lectures and research projects through their many years of professional experience.

Gegenüber sogenannten Voll- bzw. „Nurjuristen“ belasten Sie sich nicht mit für Unternehmensjuristen irrelevantem Wissen aus dem Verwaltungs-, Straf-, und Zivilrecht, sondern erwerben ein wesentlich breiteres, tiefgreifenderes und praxisnahes wirtschaftsrechtliches und zugleich wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Wissen.

Um Ihnen ein praxisnahes Studium zu ermöglichen, werden jedes Semester mindestens neun vorlesungsbegleitende Exkursionen zu führenden Unternehmen im In- und Ausland angeboten. Außerdem finden eine Vielzahl hochkarätiger Gastvorträge und weitere vielfältige hochschulinterne Veranstaltungen und Wettbewerbe mit führenden Unternehmerpersönlichkeiten statt. Im Rahmen unseres Seminars Berufsfeldanalyse I (3. Fachsemester) präsentieren Ihnen jedes Semester circa 20 Absolventen unseres Studiengangs ihr aktuelles Berufsfeld und geben Ihnen wertvolle Anregungen für eine berufsfeldorientierte Studiengestaltung. Auch unsere Professorinnen, Professoren und Lehrbeauftragte bringen durch ihre langjährige Berufserfahrung ihre exzellenten, praxisbezogenen Kenntnisse in die Vorlesungen und Forschungsprojekte mit ein.


Studium Wirtschaftsrecht LL.B. an der Hochschule Mainz

Who is this degree program interesting for?

  • Are you interested in legal issues and economic interrelationships and are you willing to take the initiative in learning about topics?
  • Do you enjoy discussing and have a good, proper way of expressing yourself - both orally and in writing - as well as the ability to think logically and abstractly?
  • Do you want to be optimally qualified to work for a company, association or authority in the field of commercial law when you finish your studies?
  • Would you like to acquire the necessary know-how to be able to work in an international environment?

Then this degree program is exactly the right choice!

Previous knowledge of law or economics is not required.

The aims of the degree program

  • Assumption of demanding specialist and managerial tasks in employment law and human resources departments, compliance departments, tax departments and foreign, legal or commercial departments - in industrial, commercial and service companies, national and international business organizations, associations and chambers, as well as in the public sector
  • Excellent basis for continuing master's programs in the field of commercial law
  • Well-founded starting point for preparing for the tax advisor or auditor examination

Program Structure

The program comprises seven semesters and a total of 210 ECTS credits.

You can design a quarter of your entire studies with regard to the focus of your studies. This concerns the choice of electives, the semester abroad and your bachelor's thesis. Three quarters of the studies consist of required lectures. Almost 80 percent of these are law lectures, exercises and block seminars. A good 20 percent are economics lectures and courses in the field of key qualifications such as languages, negotiation skills, social and intercultural competence.

Overview of the program structure

Key areas

  • Employment Law and HR Management
  • Compliance and White Collar Criminal Law
  • Tax Law and Accouting

Your professional prospects

After completing your studies, you will work in management or as an expert in employment law and human resources departments, compliance departments, tax departments and foreign, legal or commercial departments. These include large and medium-sized companies in the industrial, commercial and service sectors. Your future employers will continue to include national and international business organizations, associations and chambers. You also have an excellent starting position in the public sector - for example at the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) or the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) - with our degree program.

The Bachelor of Laws in Business Law provides you with an excellent basis for continuing on to a master's degree program in business law. For example, you can further expand your skills acquired in the areas of employment law and human resources management, compliance and corporate criminal law or tax law and accounting with the master's degree programs we offer. With the completion of our specialized master's degree programs in Business Law (employment law and HR management), Business Law (compliance and international business law), Auditing, and Taxation, you will develop into experts with proven expertise in the respective fields.

A doctorate and an academic career can also be considered. Our degree program also offers you an ideal starting point for preparing you for the tax advisor and auditor examinations.

Mit dem Bachelor Wirtschaftsrecht erhalten Sie eine exzellente Grundlage für weiterführende Masterstudiengänge im wirtschaftsrechtlichen Bereich. So können Sie beispielsweise Ihre in den Vertiefungsbereichen Arbeitsrecht und Personalmanagement, Compliance und  Wirtschaftsstrafrecht oder Steuerrecht und Bilanzierung erworbenen Kompetenzen mit denen von uns angebotenen Masterstudiengängen noch weiter ausbauen. Mit dem Abschluss unserer spezialisierten Masterstudiengänge 

Wirtschaftsrecht (Arbeitsrecht und Personalmanagement)Business Law (Compliance und Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht)Auditing sowie Taxation 

entwickeln Sie sich zu Experten mit ausgewiesenen Fachkompetenzen auf den jeweiligen Gebieten weiter. Auch eine Promotion sowie eine akademische Laufbahn kommen danach in Betracht. Unser Studiengang bietet Ihnen außerdem eine optimale Ausgangsbasis zur Vorbereitung auf das Steuerberater- und Wirtschaftsprüferexamen.

Examples from the field

Our bachelor's degree program in Business Law opens up a broad spectrum of opportunities to you.

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Excursions and guest lecturers

Every semester, our program offers numerous excursions to leading companies and top-class guest lectures.

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The lecture and examination schedules of the degree programs of the School of Business are completely available under HIP

Impressions of campus life

Information on business law students in self-administration.

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Semester abroad

Detailed information on the semester abroad.

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List of the sections of the School of Business with further information.

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Students' Union (AStA), Student Parliament, Business Law student reps

The most important student representatives at the University.

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Who to contact

Prof. Dr. Hanno Kämpf
Degree program director
T +49 6131 628-3227
hanno.kaempf (at)