Psychological Student Counseling

School of Business

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What we offer

  • Individual counseling on your problems – whether personal or related to your studies.
  • Group offers on learning styles in which effective learning techniques are taught. You will also have the opportunity to take part in speech training sessions where you will practice speaking freely in front of groups and presenting confidently. You can also learn to write scientific papers. Relaxation methods that teach you how to deal with stress are also part of the group activities..
  • Language training (in relation to learning techniques) for English, Spanish and Dutch, plus a prep course in Dutch should you wish to do your studies or a practical semester in the Netherlands.
  • Social competence groups for dealing with personal topics. Here you analyze existing behavioral patterns and develop new strategies.
  • Counseling for students who are parents and expectant parents
  • Open group for students who are parents to support them, provide assistance and form a network.

If you are interested in the open group, please contact Andrea Göpfert. For all other counseling possibilities listed above, please contact Claudia Huberti.


Mainz University of Applied Sciences
Psychological Student Counseling, School of Business
Room C2.07, Claudia Huberti
Room A0.16, Andrea Göpfert
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
55128 Mainz

Office Hours

You can make individual appointments:

    • by phone
    • by mail, please include your phone number and several suggestions for appointments
    • using our mailbox on the ground floor, including the same information needed by mail
    • in person

      Current courses

      Knowledge of one's own personality and its effect on others is one of the most important requirements for managers.

      The workshop uses the enneagram model, which is also used in management consulting.

      Participation is only possible on all 3 days and free of charge.
      A certificate of attendance will be issued.  

      Information and registration: claudia.huberti (at)


      For students with learning difficulties and those who want to learn efficiently.

      The topics are among others: motivation, time management, concentration, material structuring, memory techniques.


      For students who want to practice speaking freely in front of groups and presenting their work.

      Topics are among others: Lecture preparation, sovereign presentation, dismantling of speech inhibitions.


      For students who want to prepare themselves for this kind of work.

      The topics are among others: scheduling, structuring, source search, citation.


      For students who want to put an end to unpleasant stress in order to present their knowledge more confidently, for example in exams.

      The topics include among others: learning relaxation techniques.


      For students who are already ill and are looking for ways to recover and for healthy people who want to stay healthy.


      The experiences in past semesters have shown time and again that it is often insufficient to "only" prepare carefully for exams.

      The tension in the actual examination situation and the threat of forced de-registration if the candidate fails can have an effect on the candidate's performance that ranges from being massively inhibitory to totally blocking, on the performance of the candidate.

      Therefore, we support you in preparation for the second or final test with

      • general information
      •  learning preparation
      • strategies and psychological tips

      Please do not hesitate to come to this helpful information event: Since a high number of  students are usually affected by a final attempt, it is also a relief to see that you are not the only one!

      Claudia Huberti
      Psych. Student Advisor
      T: 06131/628-3134

      Anne Rosenbauer General Student Advisory Services T: 06131/628-3421


      Nerves on edge? Last-minute advice!

      Once again it's the last minute before your exam?

      Even if this is the case, there is still something that can be done to be successful.

      Just drop by and ask your "last-minute questions" about learning techniques and tips and strategies for exam preparation.


      Publications (only available in German)

      Who to contact

      Claudia Huberti
      T +49 6131 628-3134
      claudia.huberti (at)