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How to apply

Admission requirements

To be eligible to apply to the program, you must meet the following admission requirements:

a) You have a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than economics. The degree must be worth at least 180 ECTS credits or ECTS grade C. If no ECTS grade is specified, your grade point average must not be under 2.5. A maximum of 1/3 of the ECTS credits from your previous bachelor’s degree may come from business administration modules.

b) You need to submit proof of very good language skills certifying that you can study in German, French, and English. This certificate may not be older than four years. Your language skills must be proven by a standardized, internationally recognized language test that demonstrates level B2 of the European Framework of Reference in the respective foreign language:

  • English: language certificates such as TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, etc.
  • French: language certificates such as TFI, etc.
  • German: language certificates such as DaF, etc

If you have earned at least 30 ECTS points in classes taught and tested in German, French, and English as part of your bachelor's degree, we also recognize this as official proof of language proficiency. Certificates from universities and official language schools, and suitable periods spent abroad can replace language tests, although equivalence must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

c) You must pass an aptitude test, which consists of a selection procedure in writing. As part of this, you will submit an essay (letter of motivation) in German, French, and English, with a length of between 500 and at most 600 words per language. The three components of the essay should build on and complement one another. In the essay, you have the chance to demonstrate your particular aptitude for our degree program. When assessing the essay, we will take into account the coherence and content of the content, along with the quality and rigor of your argumentation.
Your essay should include the following aspects, although there is no formal structure that must be followed:

  • Reasons for you choosing to study at the two universities (Université de Lorraine in Metz and Mainz University of Applied Sciences)
  • How you are personally well suited for the requirements of the degree program. Special qualifying characteristics that you can bring to the degree program include, for example:
  1. Qualified practical experience relevant to the degree program at a company or similar institution
  2. Dedication and outstanding performance in positions involving responsibility (for example, in social, political, cultural, and athletic settings)
  3. Extended stays abroad relevant to the degree program
  4. Other professional qualifications and/or qualifications relevant to the degree program
  • An outline of the professional areas of work that you would like to pursue and for which the curriculum of the degree program is necessary or useful

You can apply to our degree program starting in mid-May. Applicants with a university degree from Germany are to submit their application documents using the portal of Mainz University of Applied Sciences. If you obtained your university degree abroad, you must apply through uni-assist.



Application period

Winter semester 2024/2025: estimated as of now from mid-May 2024 to July 15th, 2024


You can submit the essay required as part of the aptitude test together with the other documents for applying to a degree program up to the application deadline. This also applies in the event of a possible extension of the application deadline.

Please note: If all the required documents are submitted as early as possible and in the required form, the university will be able to grant admission promptly in the event of a positive assessment outcome.

Application portal

Online application portal to apply to study at Mainz University of Applied Sciences

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uni-assist online portal

Portal for applicants with foreign higher education entrance qualifications

Who to contact

Christiane Mann
Degree program administration
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