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Management Franco-Allemand M.A.

A master’s degree with international career opportunities

Do you enjoy and have a good command of the German, French, and English languages? Are the German-French friendship and the notion of Europe close to your heart? After completing a bachelor’s degree, also in a discipline other than Economics or Business Administration, do you now feel like exploring new avenues, and you would like to be ideally prepared for a job with a variety of responsibilities at an international company? Then the Master’s in Franco-German Management is just the right thing for you! Our degree program gives you the necessary expertise by providing a successful combination of business administration and Franco-German management. With this knowledge and your foreign language and intercultural talent, you will be able to impress any company at home or abroad by the end of your studies.


The Master’s in Franco-German Management is one of the few trilingual degree programs in Germany. In just four semesters, you will complete a wide-ranging degree program with coordinated theoretical and practical phases. In two five-month internships, you will acquire valuable professional experience in Franco-German management while you are still completing your studies. During your time abroad, you will receive a monthly mobility grant of approximately €350 from the Deutsch-Französischen Hochschule (DFH) German-French University Association). With the German-French double degree from Mainz University of Applied Sciences and the Université de Lorraine in Metz, as well as the certificate from the DFH, you are ready for an international career.


At a glance

Degree: Double degree – Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master Sciences de Gestion
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
ECTS credits: 120
Starting semester: winter semester
Languages: German, French, and English
Semester fee: approx. €350 (incl. semester ticket for public transportation)

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Application period

Summer semester 2024:
November 15th, 2023 to January 15th, 2024
Winter semester 2024/2025:
Estimated as of now for mid-May 2024 to July 15th, 2024

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Advantages of studying for a career in Franco-German Management

Your key to success!
International and hands-on


Die Welt steht Ihnen offen!
Intercultural skills are your strength!
Studying and working in two countries


Bachelor – und dann?
Hit the ground running, internationally
What comes after earning your master's?


Off to new shores... you’re just the person we’re looking for!

Do you enjoy traveling to different countries and cities and really enjoy intercultural interaction? Are you a fan of the French language and culture and would like to improve your career prospects after completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Romance studies, literature, cultural studies, linguistics, translation, psychology, or a comparable degree program? If you also speak German, French, and English very well, you can head for new horizons with the Master’s in Franco-German Management. Expand your qualifications in the field of Franco-German management and business administration, and acquire knowledge in marketing and human resources, and more.

During your studies you will experience an intercultural environment on a daily basis through the collaboration with your fellow French and German students and lecturers, as well as through the work experience you will gain during your studies. Our comprehensive range of lectures in German, French, and English offers you the opportunity to ideally prepare yourself for future challenging tasks working at international companies. Your talent for foreign languages, your basic knowledge of business administration, and the two required five-month internships integrated into your studies will make you an interculturally well-versed expert in international management.

Be bold enough to explore new international avenues after your bachelor’s degree! You will be rewarded by having the best chances of getting your dream job in an international working environment after completing your master’s degree! Have we piqued your interest? Then apply to the Master’s in Franco-German Management degree program now!


Study internationally and hands-on

Living interculturally is viewed as the key to professional international success. You will experience intercultural skills during your studies by learning and working together in your German-French study group. We particularly emphasize personal contact with our students. The group comprises about 30 students, half of whom are German and half French. This enables us to know our students personally and to offer you an ideal environment where you can study in small international learning, teaching, and project teams. The master’s program offers you the unique opportunity to live in different countries and cities and to explore new ways of studying and working. The classes offered at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and the Université de Lorraine in Metz are carefully coordinated and build on each other. Our lecturers are experts in international management and contribute their many years of practical experience abroad or at international companies. Guest lectures by international speakers are an ideal complement to our teaching program.


Communication and Foreign Languages
A perfect command of the German, French, and English languages is the cornerstone of our degree program. The Communication and Foreign Languages module is divided into three language classes (German, French, English), which are precisely tailored to the content and objectives of the degree program based on contemporary business and language topics. This ensures that you are well prepared language-wise for your professional career in an international context!

IT & Management and Scientific Work
Digital skills are indispensable in today’s workplace. The IT & Management module combines the contemporary basics of electronic data processing with management duties. In the Scientific Work module, you will learn statistical methods that you will need to prepare for empirical research for your master’s thesis. You will also acquire the skills of working and writing scientifically in a foreign language.

International Law and the Legal Environment
The international legal perspective is of considerable importance to multinational companies and organizations. As an employee of an internationally operating company, it is advantageous for you to be familiar with the international legal landscape. The Legal Environment module offers you insights into German and French legal regulations, which you will apply using case studies.

Master’s thesis & internship to complete your studies
You will write your master’s thesis in the 4th semester, while you complete your second internship at the same time. It is also possible to write your master’s thesis after the internship. The topic of your master’s thesis can be chosen by agreement with a company. You can choose lecturers from both universities as your supervisors. Both Mainz University of Applied Sciences and the Université de Lorraine in Metz will support you in your search for an internship. Our student and alumni network also offers additional assistance in your search for a suitable internship.


A large proportion of our classes deal with basic subjects in business administration. These provide you with a methodical, systematic, and application-oriented overview of the most important areas of business administration.

Finance & Controlling
Accounting is of key importance to a company for the compilation, monitoring, and analysis of all operational processes. In this module you will learn all the current methods and tools of financial control and apply them to real-life case studies.

Organizational & Human Resources Management
Organizational and HR management form the heart of a company. In this class, you will learn about the structure and procedural workflows of a company. You will also gain insights into the tasks of human resource management, such as staff recruitment.

Quality & Project Management
The measures of quality control and quality improvement of work processes, products, and departments are the foundations of quality management. You will actively apply them and the theoretical methods and processes of project management you have learned by, for example, developing, planning, and implementing projects yourself in Franco-German teams. As such, you will deepen your management skills in event planning, accounting, sponsor search, marketing, and communications.

Strategic Management & Export
In the Strategic Management module, you will discuss the question of how companies can best align themselves strategically to generate profits and remain competitive. You will also learn methods used to develop a company’s strategic goals, and then implement them operationally. Export Management deals with the processes of a company’s foreign business, such as what distribution and sales activities are necessary abroad to retain the sales market or to open up new markets.

Marketing & Market Research
Companies are making increasing investments in their marketing departments. You will learn about innovative and digital marketing tools, how brands can be developed and promoted using international examples and group work, and how companies analyze their customers’ behavior with the aim of increasing sales. You will also have the opportunity to create marketing concepts with your fellow students to develop a feeling for market and customer needs.

International Business in a Franco-German Context
This module is taught as a week-long block online. You will gain insight into the methods and strategies of business ethics and international management as part of this degree-specific subject, with a focus on the German-French perspective. Lectures by guest lecturers with professional experience in France and Germany ideally complete the program of the block.


In the 2nd semester, you will complete a required internship of at least 5 months at a French- or German-speaking company. French students gain insights into the workings of German-speaking corporations, while German students experience everyday work life at French-speaking companies. Our focus is not only on Germany and France as employment markets for German-French management, but also, for example, on German- or French-speaking companies and organizations in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Québec, and North Africa.

We assist you in finding an internship through our student and alumni network and in addition offer you the opportunity to get in touch with potential employers through practical lectures and company visits. In the 3rd semester you will continue your studies at Mainz University of Applied Sciences before you immerse yourself in the international professional world again in the 4th semester with another internship of at least 5 months and write your master’s thesis at the same time.


Studying in Germany and France

During your studies you will have the opportunity to live in different countries and cities and get to know different cultures, styles of learning and teaching. Two required internships of at least five months each will immerse you deeply in the work environment of the partner country and make you an expert in international management.

During the two years of the master’s degree program, you will have the unique opportunity to prepare yourself as interculturally and hands-on as possible for your subsequent career with international companies. Thanks to the German-French study group, the trilingual teaching program, and the studies and internships in the respective partner country, switching between several languages and different cultures will no longer be a problem for you at the end of your studies.

The degree program starts each winter semester at the IAE Metz School of Management, which is part of the Université de Lorraine in Metz. In the 3rd semester, you will study at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Students not only experience hands-on practical training in the form of projects, they are also taught by internationally experienced and highly motivated lecturers.

With approximately 1,400 students, IAE Metz offers you a pleasant learning atmosphere with a dedicated focus towards your individual needs.

Advantages of IAE Metz at a glance:

  • Close to the borders of Germany and Luxembourg
  • Hands-on instruction through a variety of projects
  • Lecturers from the world of business
  • Recognized and renowned management university
  • Large alumni network of former students
  • Direct connection to the city center with its own Mettis stop in front of the campus

Metz is located in the French-German border region, offering ideal conditions for international students who see their professional future in a bi-national German-French environment. The proximity to Luxembourg and other economically interesting cities such as Strasbourg make Metz an attractive place to study. With just under 120,000 residents, Metz is not a large city, but this city, situated at the mouth of the Moselle River, should by no means be underestimated! The city has a lot to offer, especially for students: In addition to the Temple Neuf, which lies idyllically surrounded by the Moselle at the tip of the island known as Ile du Petit-Saulcy, you can enjoy a delicious typical French crêpe with a latte (French: café au lait) at Place Saint-Louis after taking an extended walk with your fellow students. Here we have an insider tip for you: The project Metz en Musik has already been held several times in the Temple Neuf, so maybe you will also have the pleasure of arranging a unique and unforgettable musical evening in this beautiful church.


Approximately 5,700 students are enrolled at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. The School of Business currently has around 3,100 students, the highest enrollment of the three schools. Our modern campus, within walking distance of the stadium of the Bundesliga soccer club Mainz 05, is ideally situated for public transportation by bus and train to the student dormitories and downtown Mainz.

Advantages of Mainz University of Applied Sciences

  • Individual support in small student groups
  • Open workstations with free wifi for studying and working
  • Library with OpenPlus
  • Moderne Mensa and cafeteria
  • Own tram stop right in front of the campus that runs directly to downtown Mainz
  • Travel the Rhine-Main region for free with our semester ticket
  • Central location in the Rhine-Main region and in close proximity to leading companies

Mainz, the city of Gutenberg, has a lot to offer with its historic old town, its beautiful location on the Rhine, and the Mainz 05 soccer club. Mainz is a typical student city in the heart of the Rhine-Main region and is considered one of the most important university locations in Germany. Statistically, every fifth person in Mainz is a student. The distances here are short, whether it's to Wiesbaden, downtown Frankfurt or the airport. Mainz is also well-known as an interesting media location; ZDF, SWR and the Rhein-Main publishing group have their headquarters here. The old town has its own flair with its narrow alleyways and stores. The downtown district also invites visitors to sit and relax in its charming squares. Breakfast at the market, Marktfrühstück, is a must for everyone who lives in Mainz; people meet for Weck, Worscht, Woi, which translates to a roll with sausage and some wine. One of the most beautiful places in Mainz is the banks of the Rhine, where many students spend their free time, esepcially when the sun is shining. The Mainzer Fastnacht (carnival) and especially the Rosenmontagumzug (Rose Monday parade) offer a special experience that every new resident of Mainz simply should not miss.



IAE Metz School of Management

IAE Metz School of Management

Your career prospects with the master’s degree

After graduating from the Master’s program in Franco-German Management, the international business world with its interesting career opportunities will be open to you. You will be in demand as an employee not just in Germany and France, but all around the world. With your excellent foreign language skills in French and English, your business management expertise and your profound knowledge of the Franco-German economic landscape, you will offer future employers a broad and unique profile. A wide variety of challenging positions await you, for example in marketing, human resources, corporate organization, export/import, public relations, international project management or specialized translation. The wide-ranging fields of employment of our graduates demonstrate how sought-after our students are after completing their studies.


What our alumni and students are saying

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You can apply either on the Mainz University of Applied Sciences application portal or on the online university place application portal of the Université de Lorraine in Metz.


In your first semester, classes begin in mid-September at the Université de Lorraine in Metz and end with the exam period in January of the following year. Starting in February, you will then begin your first required internship phase of at least five months. You will complete the 3rd semester at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Classes usually start in late September/early October. The exam period takes place in the last two weeks of January. In the first week of March, you will complete a week-long block on Franco-German economics, which takes place exclusively online. After that, you will start your second required internship phase (minimum five months again).

The periods given may vary slightly. The Master in Franco-German Management is a full-time program – classes are held from Monday to Friday during the semester.


In the course of your studies, you will complete two required internships of at least five months integrated into your studies. There are no classes during the internship phase. At the end of the first required internship, you will write a report about your internship experience. Parallel to the second required internship, you will write your master’s thesis.


A copy of your internship contract or a certificate from the company stating that you worked at the company for at least five months (an online component is also possible) and the business-related areas in which you were engaged is sufficient proof. We also recognize a salaried position or freelance work as an internship. If you are a working student (Werksstudent), this must be combined with a full-time internship of at least 2 months. In addition, we require proof of work in which the contents of the duties are listed.


Students receive a monthly mobility allowance of approximately €300 for their study and internship phases in Germany or France respectively.


If you provide proof of French or German at the C1 level by the end of the 3rd semester, you can complete your second required internship in your home country or in a different country where a foreign language is spoken. However, you will not receive a DFH mobility grant for this period.


You will write your master’s thesis parallel to the second required internship, that is, in your 4th semester. It is also possible to write your master’s thesis after the second internship. The master’s thesis is not written in your native language and can be related to the contents of the internship. However, you can also write your master’s thesis on a topic that is not related to the internship.


The exam period always takes place in the last two weeks of the lecture period. In the winter semester these are the last two weeks of January, in the summer semester the exams are usually held in the last week of June and the first week of July.


If you fail an exam, you will be enrolled for that exam in the HIP in the following semester, such enrollment in mandatory. The exam will then be retaken during the exam period of that (following) semester. In such a case, you will not be required to attend the corresponding lecture in the following semester.


If you are not in the area served by the semester ticket (Rhine-Main area) in your 4th semester, you will have to pay the full semester fee at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, but you can apply for a refund of the semester ticket.


The general university athletics (AHS) for our students are organized by JGU Mainz. The range of activities is varied – from A for aerobics or American football to archery, capoeira, jiu-jitsu, sailing, underwater rugby and Y for yoga. The athletic program includes health and general sports activities along with competitive sports. All you need to participate is your student ID. You can find both the complete list of activities and the registration procedures in the program booklet (only available in German).


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Our degree program is accredited by

HCERES (Haut Conseil de l'évaluation de la recherche et de l'enseignement supérieur)