Master of Laws in Business Law

Employment Law and HR Management

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Master of Laws in Business Law: Employment Law and HR Management

The master's degree in Business Law – Employment Law and HR Management is exactly the right degree program for you if you have already successfully completed your first degree in business law and would like to obtain comprehensive additional qualifications as part of a master's degree program.

The degree program qualifies its graduates for demanding management positions in all areas of employment law and human resources management. Important cross-connections from the fields of law and business are interlinked in this degree program and ensure an attractive, practical degree program.

The master's degree program is accredited by AQAS (Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs).

Applicants with a first professional qualification of 180 ECTS credits from a previous six-semester bachelor's degree program are offered a bridge module (internship semester) at our university - even before the official start of studies in the winter semester - in order to acquire the total 300 ECTS credits required for the master's degree. Find out more here.

At a Glance

Degree: Master of Laws (LL.M.)
Standard period of study:
3 semesters
ECTS credits:
Starting semester:
summer semester
Bridge module: winter semester, application deadline July 30
Language: German

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What's in store for you

The content guideline of our consecutive master's degree program in business law is the application-oriented combination of jurisprudential and business studies curricula in the fields of employment law and human resources management. A further component of the program is the targeted transfer of relevant key competences and interdisciplinary skills.

The main focus in the area of employment law is on these areas:

  • Establishment, content and termination of the employment relationship
  • Employment protection legislation
  • Company pension plan/the Employment Protection Act/social security law
  • Collective employment law
  • Employment law in restructuring and times of corporate crisis
  • Criminal employment law and compliance
  • Drafting of contracts and international employment law
  • Judicial protection

From an economic point of view, the modules in the area of human resources management are closely linked to these employment law topics:

  • Human resources management and organization
  • Change management
  • Corporate report
  • Performance management
  • Conflict management and mediation with practical module

In the third semester, the master's thesis will be followed by a colloquium. A condensed knowledge transfer, update and consolidation of the module contents from the first and second semesters is then offered by the exam preparation course accompanying the internship, which takes place in addition to the six-week internship.


Who is this degree program interesting for?

The master's program in Business Law - Employment Law and Human Resources Management is designed for graduates with a first degree in business law (bachelor's degree in business law or first state examination)..

The degree program serves to further qualify and improve professional opportunities through a recognized and valued master's degree. It prepares for the assumption of demanding specialist and managerial tasks in private and public companies in higher civil service. In addition, it will then enable further academic training as part of a doctoral program.

The aims of the degree program

In three semesters, the program imparts both practical and scientific knowledge of employment law. In addition, there are corresponding business administration subjects in the area of human resources management as well as professionally related key competences, which you will need when assuming demanding specialist and managerial tasks in the areas of employment law and human resources management.

Program Structure

The master's degree program in business law comprises three semesters, 90 ECTS and 54 weekly semester hours. The contents of the three semesters are as follows:

In the first semester, the modules Contents and Termination of Employment Relationships, Occupational Safety Law and the modules Company Pension Schemes, Employment Promotion Act/Social Security Law and Collective Employment Law impart sound knowledge of employment law on a high level. From an economic point of view, the modules Human Resources Management and Organization are closely linked to the content of these employment law topics, focusing on the strategic (HR) management of a company and Change Management, with the emphasis on corporate change.


In the second semester, you will deal with complex, current special issues of employment law practice as well as with the enforcement or defence of claims in the courts in the four modules of Employment Law in Times of Restructuring and Corporate Crisis, Criminal Employment Law and Compliance, Contract Drafting and International Employment Law, as well as Judicial Protection. The economic modules Performance Management as well as Conflict Management, Mediation and Corporate Practice accompany the employment law issues with practice-oriented topics on performance management, the retention of resources in the company and on methods of out-of-court dispute resolution in conflict-loaded workplace situations.


During the third semester the internship module & examinatorium accompanying the internship (block seminar) take place. In the examinatorium, the knowledge acquired in the first and second semesters is intensified and updated. At the end of the examinatorium you will write an exam. The practical module of at least 6 weeks (32 hours per week) is completed in the employment law or human resources department of a company, an association or a public agency and is equivalent to a coursework achievement.

As part of your master's thesis, you will deal with a complex issue of employment law and/or economics using legal and/or economic methods and argumentation techniques. In a subsequent colloquium you will defend your work argumentatively.


Special features of this degree program

What distinguishes the master's degree program in Business Law at our University.

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Your professional prospects

The degree program qualifies you for activities in the private and public sectors, which are characterized by a content-related linkage of employment law and economic tasks and comprise competences from the two areas of employment law and human resources management. Depending on your interdisciplinary training, you will have the opportunity to carry out demanding specialist and management tasks in the employment law and human resources departments of industrial, commercial and service companies, insurance and financial services companies, as well as business organizations and associations.


List of the departments of the School of Business with more detailed information.

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Students' Union (AStA), Student Parliament, Business Law student reps

The most important student representatives at the University.

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Who to contact

Prof. Dr. Katharina Dahm
Degree program director
T +49 6131 628-3312
katharina.dahm (at)
Jeanine Laquai
Degree program coordinator
T +49 6131 628-3427
jeanine.laquai (at)