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Technical Property Management

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Admissions requirements

  • A university/university of applied sciences degree or equivalent after successfully completing studies in the fields of building and property management, facility management, industrial engineering (construction), civil engineering or architecture or a degree recognized as equivalent from a foreign university with at least 210 ECTS credits.
  • Individuals who hold a higher education entrance qualification in accordance with Section 65 (1) or (2) of the Higher Education Act and who have also completed at least three years of relevant professional activity are admitted to studies in accordance with Section 35 of the Higher Education Act if they have passed an aptitude test which establishes the equivalence of their professional qualification with that of a completed undergraduate degree (with 180 ECTS). The provisions of these examination regulations apply mutatis mutandis to the aptitude test. The examiners are the relevant university lecturers in the bachelor's degree program. The performance and organization of the aptitude test is carried out by the examination board.
  • The examination board decides on admission from related degree programs.
  • Interior architecture graduates (Bachelor, Engineering Diploma (university of applied sciences) or Engineering Diploma) may be admitted if they can provide proof of one year three years of construction site-related or practical activities related to construction and property management or facility management.
  • Graduates of degree programs with less than 210 ECTS credits but at least 180 ECTS credits can also apply. The proof of all missing ECTS credits must be provided by the end of the third semester.
  • You must have proven the completion of the academic achievements defined by the director of the degree program in cooperation with the examination board from the range of courses offered by the School of Engineering, which are necessary to achieve equivalence with 210 ECTS credits, by the end of the 3rd semester. For example, the additional qualification acquired via continuing education to become an expert in energy and environmental technology with the certificate "Consulting" and "Planning and Implementation" with a total of six modules in the degree program Construction and Real Estate Management, Facility Management or the modules identified as bridge modules are recognized as achievements. Here we recommend contacting the student advisory service.
  • Proof of at least one year of practical work experience in the profession after completion of the previous degree program
  • In addition to a degree in engineering, knowledge of mathematics must be proven. This knowledge may have been acquired during previous studies or as part of a separate qualification. The proof must be submitted by the end of the second master's semester. A mathematics bridge course will be offered.

For a successful start to your studies

To make it easier for you to start your studies or prepare for an exam, we offer you the opportunity to check and refresh your mathematics skills with two online bridge courses online bridge courses with relevant and customized content.

Application period

Summer semester 2024: November 15th, 2023 to January 15th, 2024
Winter semester 2024/24: estimated as of now from mid-May 15th, 2024 to July 15th, 2024

Bridge courses, applicants with previous studies

Here applicants can find information on bridge courses, equivalency lists and more.

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Recognition of completed modules

Information on the recognition of completed modules.

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Application process and access to the online application portal

German academic qualifications

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Foreign academic qualification

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