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Time-based Media

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M.A. in Time-Based Media

In the master's degree program Time-Based Media you will be trained in the field of media design specifically for the audiovisual and interactive media sector. This is the essential distinction from the classic communication design, in which the print media are much more at the center of the work. Currently, the field of media design includes the bachelor's and master's degree courses in time-based media.

In addition to the classical training for film and video, you will be taught the areas of 2D and 3D animation, as well as the design and implementation of interactive and multimedia media concepts. This includes the targeted and highly developed use of the computer for the required design solutions, which is why you should not be afraid to touch computers.

The program covers a wide range of audiovisual and electronic media and design technologies. You are taught sound knowledge and experience of the design process, from strictly purpose-oriented application to free artistic experimentation. In addition, you will learn a broad spectrum of technological basics.

All media interact with each other and are part of the social culture. Therefore, the examination of the history of media and communication as well as sociological foundations of media and communication science are further important areas of work. Professional and media economic, legal and organizational aspects are also part of your training.

Projects from the degree program:

At a glance

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
Starting semester: winter semester
Aptitude test: yes
Language: German

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Application deadlines

Aptitude test (portfolio check)

for winter semester: May 15th to June 15th

Online application

for winter semester 2024/25: estimated as of now from mid-May  to July 15th 2024

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Your professional prospects

The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree enables you to work independently and to assume management functions in the aforementioned media fields of animation, film and television, as well as interaction.

It is a prerequisite for higher-level civil service and leads to leading positions in the creative industry and the economy.

In the center of the Rhine-Main region, the city of Mainz offers outstanding career perspectives for the graduates of this degree program with many advertising and design agencies, numerous TV contract production companies and the television stations ZDF, SWR and HR.

Program Structure

The master's degree program covers four semesters and takes the form of seminars, colloquia and project work.

The aim is to develop the projects introduced by the students in the 1st semester in such a way that they can be realized in the following semesters. This is the purpose of the offers in the area of media management, in which the concept is worked out and the production prepared.

In the following two semesters you will continue to work on the projects in groups and further develop or complete them depending on the scope and workload.

The program is accompanied by seminars in the three central areas of animation, film and television, interaction, and two theory courses per semester.

The 4th semester serves to create your master’s thesis, which you can prepare in the form of a scientific paper or as a combination of project work and theory. Depending on the needs, workshops with experts for individual projects are offered, which can be attended by all master's degree students.

You can also choose to participate in applied and research projects within the framework of the Institute for Media Design, which are led by university lecturers.

Projects and results of the degree program

The degree program cooperates with different national and international partners

Mediendesign Mainz


ACHT Frankfurt, ARC Filmfestival Mainz, descom Designforum Rheinland-Pfalz, dropout Film, Kontrastfilm, Film- und Medienforum Rheinland-Pfalz, Film- und Medienförderung Rheinland-Pfalz, Gutenberg-Museum, Schauspielschule Mainz, SWR, Quadrolux, ZDF, FUNK - Content-Netzwerk of ARD and ZDF, and more.

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M.A. in Time-based Media


The Study Plan (only available in German)

30 CP/20 SWS
30 CP/20 SWS
30 CP/20 SWS
30 CP/20 SWS
30 CP/20 SWS
MS 7200
Wahl aus MS1–MS3
6 CP/4 SWS
MS1 7210

6 CP/4 SWS
MS2 7220
Seminar Film

6 CP/4 SWS
MS3 7230
6 CP/4 SWS
MTH 7000

27 CP/18 SWS
MM1 7110
Projekt Konzeption

18 CP/12 SWS
MP1 7310
Projekt Animation
18 CP/12 SWS
MP2 7320
Projekt Film

18 CP/12 SWS
MP3 7330
Projekt Interaktion

18 CP/12 SWS
MT 7400
Wahl aus MT1–MT3
3 CP/2 SWS
MM2 7120

3 CP/2 SWS
MT1 7410

3 CP/2 SWS
MT2 7420

3 CP/2 SWS
MT3 7430

3 CP/2 SWS
MT 7500
Wahl aus MT4–MT6
3 CP/2 SWS
MT4 7510

3 CP/2 SWS
MT5 7520

3 CP/2 SWS
MT6 7530

3 CP/2 SWS

SWS=Semesterwochenstunden  CP=Creditpoint

Im 1. bis 3. Semester müssen Sie je ein Modul aus dem Bereich Individuelle Vertiefung und ein Modul aus dem Bereich Theorie 2 belegen. Zusätzlich ist im 2. und 3. Semester die Belegung jeweils eines Moduls aus dem Bereich Integrierte Projekte erforderlich. Eine wiederholte Belegung ist möglich. Des Weiteren belegen Sie im 2. bis 4. Semester ein Modul aus dem Bereich Theorie 1. Die Reihenfolge ist je nach Angebot frei wählbar. Grundsätzlich ist eine wiederholte Belegung der Module aus dem Bereich Theorie 1 und Theorie 2 nur nach bestandener Fachprüfung möglich.

Institute for Media Design

The department is accompanied by the Institute for Media Design as an interface between research and teaching. Third-party funded projects are institutionally anchored through the Institute, teaching and research are in harmony and complement each other's skills in the fields of film/video, animation, interaction, sound, game and convergence. In doing so, you always have the opportunity to participate in research projects.

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