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The goblins trilogy

LUX Pavillon - Mainz Talks

The goblins trilogy is a cycle of pieces started in 2019. The third part of this cycle will be premiered in 2023 at the Milano Musica festival. 
I will present the strategies I will adopt in this series of works for the connection among sound, video and lights.
An overview about my past works with live electronics will focus on my own aesthetic in the mixed music field. 

wann: am 22.November 2022 um 18 Uhr
wo: LUX Pavillion, 1. OG


Die Veranstaltung findet im LUX Pavillon der Hochschule Mainz (direkt am Schillerplatz) statt.

Dienstag bis Donnerstag
12:00–18:00 Uhr

Freitag und Samstag
10:00–18:00 Uhr

Montag, Sonn- und Feiertag

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